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JWoww and boyfriend, Tom, weather the fame storm

March 9, 2010


Not the cast member you’d expect to come out of the Jersey Shore with a healthy relationship (no offense intended…it’s just kind of true), especially when you remember that she seemed hazy about her relationship status at the beginning of the show, hooked up with Pauly D in the first few episodes, kind of sort or didn’t really tell said boyfriend about it and then seemed to argue with him about whether or not her drinking would lead to her cheating again every time he called the Duck Phone.

But she apparently did. She and Tom Lippolis (who was forever immortalized in quote form by Pauly D when he said “This kids a sucka, he keeps sending her all this shit.”) have been business and romantic partners since before the first season filmed.

The two first struck up a friendship when they had a lot of meetings together, but neither was looking for a relationship and neither thought the other was their type, according to Tom. Then, two days before she left for Seaside Heights the couple had their first sleep over … with all that entails.

“I spent the night at her house. It was the night before the show arrived at her door with a ticket to go. So we officially started dating two days before she left for the show” he tells RadarOnline. “We were totally not looking for each other and then we just found each other.”

After JWoww came back from filming the first season, their relationship progressed and the couple moved in together. And then, the first season aired and the infamous yellow shirt night with Pauly D’s prince albert came to light. Tom says they worked through it, though.

“She had to do what she had to do,” he told RadarOnline about that night. “But it did bother me and we had some problems.”

Now, however, he’s the only person JWoww trusts and has become her manager and travel buddy and will be running her clothing line when she starts shooting season 2.

I can’t decide if it’s sweet that they’re still together or if this kid seems like a complete fame whore.

The fact that he did an exclusive interview with Radar and provided them with exclusive pictures of the couple reeks of someone who wants attention. As does the fact that he told them things like this:

“At this point if she was to get with anyone else she couldn’t trust them because they would be with her for the wrong reasons and she understands that,” Tom told


“I see a long future together. I will be doing business with her and If I we weren’t so young at this point we would probably be engaged already,” Tom said.

I’m sorry Tom, but marriage and business are two completely different things. I hope that was just a slip up on your part, or RadarOnline’s as they have absolutely no journalistic style (periods inside of quotes? really?), because that sounds like you’re planning on getting married to her for the money she’s going to pull in during the second season. And your comment on the fact that she can’t trust anyone else and she understands that makes you sound controlling.

I can’t help but hope I’m wrong. JWoww, like everyone, deserves some happiness.

Photo Credit: Twit pic by @Jenniwoww


Pauly D, Ronnie and JWoww Take on Up in the Air on Lopez Tonight

March 5, 2010

A toast to all the Oscar nominees for Best Picture. Can't wait to see who wins on Sunday night!

Lopez Tonight wrapped up Oscar week with another round of Jersey Shore presents last night.

It might just be us, but nothing has topped Vinny’s clip from Inglourious Basterds on Monday night.

Last night, we were treated to Pauly D acting “opposite” George Clooney in Up in the Air. Pauly D wanted to know Clooney’s sexual history and his lines fit in well out of context with the movie, but the acting wasn’t great. Of course, these are parodies and the acting isn’t supposed to be great, but Vinny at least got into his role on Monday night and kept the tone of the clip consistent.

Check out Pauly D in Up in the Air here.

Ronnie and JWoww managed to rescue the past few days of mediocre clips, however, with their version of comparing cards in Up in the Air. The scene got back to what made these parodies fun – a commentary that lets viewers know that the Jersey Shore cast realizes the rediculousness of their fame and can laugh with us about it. JWoww is impressed that Ronnie has a Tanfastic Tanning Salon Conceirge Key, and even more in awe when he says he thinks he’s clocked around 300 hours under the lamps. But it’s fine because he has a Skin Cancer Elite card to counter the obvious damage he’s doing to his body…

Check it out here.


Jersey Shore Cast Goes Jay Walking on Leno’s Tonight Show

March 4, 2010

We were treated to a double dose of Jersey Shore goodness on late night TV last night. Not only did Lopez Tonight continue the “Jersey Shore Presents” segments they’ve been doing with Snooki and Sammi taking on Precious and The Situation taking on The Blind Side, but we were treated to an extra goody from The Tonight Show, which is once again under the watchful eye of host Jay Leno meaning we can break out “Jay Walking” once again – or as they called it last night “Battle of the Celebrity All-Stars.”

It doesn’t matter if you were on Team Coco or Team Leno during the late night war debacle, Battle of the Celebrity All-Stars with the Jersey Shore cast is always fun.

Check it out below.

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Jersey Shore goes Hollywood

March 1, 2010

Can’t remember the Best Picture nominees in this year’s Oscar race? I don’t blame you…with 10 nominees and two big contenders (Avatar and The Hurt Locker) it’s easy for the other eight to slip your mind.

Thankfully, our favorite JS-ers are here to remind you who might win when the Academy Awards are broadcast on Sunday, March 7.

With the help of George Lopez and Lopez Tonight, the Jersey Shore cast transforms into a pack of “basterds” killin’ nazi’s (now we know why Snooki, Vinny and JWoww were dressed up as Inglorious Basterds characters last week), a bomb diffusing squad, an inner-city teen who just so happens to be amazing at football, a downsizer and an abusive mother.

Tonight, we’ll be treated to The Hurt Locker – Jersey style, while Avatar, Up in the Air, Precious, Inglorious Basterds and The Blind Side will air throughout the week.

For those of you counting, that’s only 6 films. The other contenders are District 9, An Education, A Serious Man and Up.

For a sneak peak of The Hurt Locker, head on over to TMZ. They’ve got video here.


JWoww Regrets Jersey Shore Wardrobe

February 25, 2010

News has been coming out all week that JWoww isn’t happy with the clothing she wore during season one on the Jersey Shore. She hit up the Kim Kardashian show during New York’s fashion week last week and told reporters that her biggest fashion regret while filming was “everything on the show.”

She seems to be the only one concerned with that fact as there was a clamoring for JWoww-esque clothing shortly after she wore the infamous yellow top in episode two.

In case you don’t remember, it was the first night she hooked up with Pauly D when Sammi and the Situation had to work but the rest of the cast decided they were going to go out for the night. The drape neck top showed off a healthy portion of her “assets.”

She was even going to turn her Season one fashion into a side business, claiming that she was starting her own clothing line through her Web site That was short lived, though, and links to her clothing disappeared a month ago.

No word on whether or not the clothing line is still in the works, or whether or not her fashion will actually change when season two starts filming in Miami in the coming months. But, JWoww did tell reporters at fashion week one accessory that she does plan on wearing for season two – earrings.

“Earrings!” she told them. “I have chubby ears, so I gotta wear my earrings.”


Jersey Shore Cast to Invade George Lopez Next Week

February 25, 2010

The entire Jersey Shore cast took a day out of their busy schedules of photo shoots with Bar Rafaeli, regretting season one wardrobe choices and giving Kim Kardashian Jersey Shore-esque nicknames to film a series of vignettes that will play on The George Lopez Show all next week.

The cast flew to LA for the day and headed to Lopez’s studio tired from their long flight and night out the night before. Snooki even tweeted that she was so tired her eyes were burning. But they toughed it out and gave it their all in front of a green screen.

Snooki and JWoww even managed to get a few shots of themselves in costume tweeted.

It looks as though the cast recreated a scene from the Oscar nominated Inglorious Basterds in which a group of Jewish-American soldiers, led by Brad Pitt, spread fear through the Third Reich by killing and scalping Nazi officers.

Snooki took on Pitt’s role of Lt. Aldo Rain, though her costuming is a bit more fitted than Pitt’s ever was. And the rest of the cast fell in as the “Basterds.”

It’ll be interesting to see just what they filmed yesterday, though it’s safe to say their costumes look great.

Tune into The George Lopez Show at 11 p.m. est on TBS all next week to see our favorite JS-ers.

Photo credit: @Jwoww and @Sn00ki


JWoww’s Personal Info Comprimised

February 15, 2010

Angelina isn’t the only Jersey Shore-er having hacking problems. While her representation isn’t reporting any hackers, JWoww believes that her personal information may have been compromised.

Someone associated with the reality star recently contacted the Nassau County Police Department with a complaint on her behalf.

Information on what the police are looking for has not been released, according to TMZ.

Let’s hope the police find whatever or whoever it is their looking for soon. We’d like to see a stress-free JWoww on season two rather than a cast member concerned that someone has access to her personal information.

Photo credit: Chicago Tribune


Jersey Shore Overexposure? MTV says Cut Down on Appearances

February 8, 2010

We love that they're everywhere...MTV does not...

The Super Bowl, Ellen, Today Show, the Wing Bowl, Rob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory, the Manor in Chicago – Just a few places you could find members of the Jersey Shore cast in the past three days. They’re ubiquitous and are only going to get bigger at the beginning of the summer as MTV promotes Season Two.

In the meantime, though, MTV is getting a little worried that their hottest commodity since Laguna Beach (? or does this go as far back as Beavis and Butthead?) is getting a bit overexposed.

The New York Post is reporting that MTV is going to start to crack down on the cast’s public appearances and limit them to two a week. With the cast getting upwards of $7,500 for each appearance that $15,000+ payday per week doesn’t seem to be too restrictive to us, but what do we know.

Apparently the cast will also have to start getting approval from Jersey Shore’s producers for the appearances as well to keep the cast in line with the brand MTV has created.

The post reports a source saying that they don’t want any of the cast members appearing at topless bars or other scandalous locales as they need to remember that their biggest fan base is females between the age of “12 and 21.”

12 seems a bit young to us, but we had a conversation with a 12-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl over the weekend and they both watched the season finale of JS and could tell us all about the duck phone and Snooki’s impromptu dance party on the boardwalk so what do we know.

Should the cast start to break these rules and continue to appear anywhere and everywhere willing to pay up, MTV is reportedly threatening to fine the cast for breaking their contracts.

So we might be seeing a bit less of JWoww and Vinny in the upcoming weeks, but Hairpoof will still be following their every move to give you the latest on the cast.

No word yet on whether or not the Situation’s visit to Cincinnati has been approved, or not. We’ll let you know with either a really excited or really depressed post again tomorrow.


Jersey Shore Marathon on MTV

February 4, 2010

While some are tailgating, placing last minute bets or anxiously awaiting the big game by watching all the pre-game hoopla, others just can’t deal with watching 10 hours of Superbowl Sunday entertainment.

There’s only so much the average person wants to know about Peyton Manning and the Colts or Drew Brees and the Saints.

MTV has your answer, and its the best answer possible!


Billed as the Jersey Shore Bowl, MTV will be airing the entire first season of Jersey Shore in order beginning at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning.

See the magic from the beginning and try to pinpoint when the magic really began.

We’d put money on the fact that while the first two episodes are entertaining in a rediculous way, episode three and beyond is what will forever be cemented in pop culture. Angelina leaves, Ronnie and Sammi begin their courtship in full and the Sitch has to deal with rejection. Episode four (also know as The one where Snooki gets punched) cements the family bond, but Episode three is a pure, unadulterated good time and things only go up from there.


Jersey Shore to be Shown in UK

February 3, 2010

Remember when Pauly D, Snooki and the Situation starred in a video on where they were actors rehearsing for their next episode of Jersey Shore? If you don’t, it’s below, but our point is that Pauly D was supposedly British in the video.

And now the Brits are going to be able to see the magic that is Jersey Shore for themselves. The UK Press Association is reporting that MTV has decided to air JS in its entirety beginning in April.

Will those across the pond be as inclined to adore JWoww, Vinny and the rest like we are? Or will the outlandish American culture aspect of it turn viewers off and get in the way of its pure entertainment value? I guess we’ll find out in April.

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