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Pauly D’s new romance?

January 31, 2010

Photo credit: MTV

Is there an MTV reality power-couple in the works? We all know that Sammi and Ronnie have their little fling which Snooki claims is still going strong despite the on-screen Reunion show break-up, but there could be some MTV love blooming from another show.

Rumor has it that Pauly D is creeping it on Farrah Abraham from MTV’s Teen Mom. Perez Hilton and (oddly enough) FOX News are reporting that the hard-partying 18-year-old was by Pauly’s side as he DJ’d a club in Houston, TX recently.

No word on where Farrah’s baby Sophia was, though it’s probably safe to assume that Grandma and Grandpa were taking care of her, like normal.

There’d be a lot to contend with  if there’s any truth to this rumor. First, Farrah is ten years younger than Pauly, but she’s at least 18. And then there’s the fact that he’d have to attempt to play daddy to little Sophia, who lost her own father in a car crash before she was born. Not to mention the distance as Farrah hails from Iowa.

Now that you mention it…the distance seems to make this rumor a bit far fetched from the get-go. Why was Farrah in Texas? And when was Pauly D in Houston? He spent the past few nights in Boston and spent most of last week easily traceable through Twitter…without tweeting that he had ever been in Texas.

And then there’s the added fact that Pauly D himself tweeted about the situation and said it’s “too funny” that these stories are out there.

Let’s hope we can chalk this one up as solely a rumor. You can do so much better Pauly!

 But hey, can you imagine the Teen Mom/Jersey Shore tie-in episode? Farrah looks like she could fist bump with the best of them and we’d get to see Pauly D’s paternal instincts. Could be pure ratings gold…but let’s hope not.


Update on season two

January 30, 2010

More updates are rolling in on Jersey Shore’s second season.

TMZ is reporting that the deal has been finalized and Pauly D just tweeted that he signed the contract earlier this morning.

While no one has come out and said that Angelina isn’t included in the deal, TMZ noticably left her off the list of cast members in this morning’s post that the deal went through. Fingers crossed that that omission says something.

MTV also said that season two won’t take place in Seaside. Instead the cast will be in a warmer locale, which hopefully means that filming will begin soon and we’ll see Snooki & Co. back on TV soon.


It’s Official! Jersey Shore original cast back for Season Two!

January 30, 2010

Our good news from this morning has finally been confirmed by more sources than

Pop open that bottle of bubbly Mike, you guys are back for Season Two!

According to, the Jersey Shore cast and MTV have reached a deal! Fist pump!

As we said yesterday, Ronnie and JWoww signed on for $10,000 an episode but the others were still holding out for more money. MTV gave them until the end of business today to make a decision and made it very clear that the cast could be replaced in the beach house if they refused the deal.

No word yet on just how much their contracts will be worth.

TMZ also didn’t have information on whether or not Angelina will be back for the new season. Let’s hope BuddyTV falsely reported that she would.

The next rumor we’ll work on confirming for you is just where filming will take place and when we’ll see some new episodes. We’ve heard we could see the Situation and crew back on the airwaves as soon as June.


New Jersey Shore feature on

January 29, 2010

Remember a couple of months ago when it seemed like a quarter of your facebook friends changed their picture to some elegant cartoon smoking a long cigarette or drinking scotch? The avatars came from AMC’s Mad Men. Well now MTV is responding in kind with a feature on to “Jersey Shore Yourself.”

With instructions to Make some “Ron Ron Juice, get dank (sic) and post on facebook, myspace or wherever the %&#! you chill” it lets you pick a body, head, tattoos, nose, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, hair, clothes and accessories.

It’s a little faulty and there aren’t many choices (four ill-fitting shirts, four pants and one dress for the ladies) but it’s still fun to kill a few minutes putting your look together. Plus, you can always accesorize with the loveable Duck Phone.

Check it out here.


Jersey Shore in the Wall Street Journal?

January 29, 2010

The Wall Street Journal holds a certain prestige in the journalism world. The WSJ is one of the cream of the crop of newspapers, joined in its national readership by very few others, and always has tended to have a bit of a high brow view of the world. It takes effort to be featured and mediocrity isn’t rewarded – nor is pop culture a lot of the time.

However, Jersey Shore’s very own Vinny Guadagnino, has somehow broken through to the stuffy journalists who seem to write the WSJ to not only get a mention, but an entire feature! Albeit he only made it onto the blog but I can’t judge as I used to think journalism was a viable career path for myself and have since moved solely to blogging while selling my journalistic soul to the PR side of the spectrum…

Yes, Vinny was featured by the Wall Stree Journal’s Law Blog on Wednesday.

As you may have heard, little brother Vinny has somewhat of an academic side to his life. When he’s not fist pumping in Seaside, NJ, he’s studying, or at least he was. Prior to joining the cast, Vinny was studying at (and graduated from) the State University of New York – New Paltz. He recently told that he had a 3.9 GPA and graduated with Latin Honors.

And before getting swept up in all the JS hoopla? Vinny had his eye set on law school – preferably Harvard or Yale depending on how well he did on his LSAT.

He claims his score was mediocre, but he could get into law school if he wanted.

While we’re still keeping track of whether or not he’ll be back for Season Two, Vinny says that law school is always on the back burner.

Read Ashby Jones’ WSJ post on Vinny here.

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Jersey Shore Season 2 – Original Cast – A Reality?

January 29, 2010

We’ve got some good news and some bad news to deliver this morning.

Cheer up friends, we'll give you the good news first...

Now, I’m not saying this is completely true information because only one outlet is reporting it at the current moment (and that outlet isn’t TMZ which tends to be spot on with breaking news) but there are rumors flying that the entire cast has signed on to do Season Two!!!

This morning, is reporting that the other six members of the house have thrown their hats into the ring with JWoww and Ronnie who reportedly accepted a $10,000 per episode deal yesterday. However, other gossip blogs are still reporting yesterday’s news that negotiations will come to a close today and MTV will move ahead to fill the house with new self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes if the other cast members don’t sign on the dotted line.

Now, if you’re paying attention, you realized I said the other SIX members of the house have joined JWoww and Ronnie. Doing a quick run through of housemates you realize we ended last season with SEVEN cast members. That’s right. BuddyTV is reporting that Angelina (or as they call her, Jolie…) will be back in the house.

Since this is early news and no one else has the story, lets hope BuddyTV got a few of their facts mixed up. While I’d love to see a Season 2, I can do without ever seeing Angelina again. She’s a bigger grenade than the actual grenade!

Your fifteen minutes are up girl, get off the band wagon that is the awesomeness of the other cast members.

We’ll keep trolling the blogosphere for any definite news on Season Two and keep you informed. Cross your fingers they sign today! 🙂

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DJ Pauly D Raises Prices

January 28, 2010

Not only is Pauly D holding out for more money from MTV to come back for a second season of Jersey Shore, but TMZ is also reporting that his DJ fees have skyrocketed to a whopping $10,000-$25,000 per appearance!

He must be one hell of a DJ. Or else he’s just one hell of a business man cashing in on his fifteen minutes of fame.

His going rate pre-Jersey Shore? About $1,000 per night with appearances 4-5 nights a week in Providence, RI.

TMZ says he’s trying to establish a couple of DJ residencies across the nation by setting up a schedule where he offers to help club-goers beat up the beat at three different clubs once every six weeks.

Maybe he’s trying to set up shop away from Rhode Island so his stalker, Danielle, has a longer commute to creep him out. Depending on where he’s headed it could tack on countless hours to her three hour drive from NJ to RI to see him spin after the show ended (but pre-JS Reunion when he told the story).

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