Our favorite Seaside, NJ vacationers now have Twitter

January 26, 2010

Looking to keep up with the Jersey Shore cast in real time? Check them out on Twitter.

Snooki – @Sn00ki –  Snooki’s tweets are fun and interesting. She generally lets you know where she’s going to be, who she’s with and what she’s thinking.

JWoww – @JENNIWOWW – JWoww is the second most active tweeter of the bunch. She tweets a lot of pictures from where she is, and has lately been pimping her favorite hair salon in Long Island.

The Situation – @ItsTheSituation – If you’re looking to hit up a club with a JS cast member, check out The Situation’s twitter feed. He lets you know when and where he’s flying to a new city to fist pump.

Pauly D – @DJPaulyD – Pauly D seems to interact with his fans more than the others on twitter. He also keeps fans up to date with when MTV will air more Jersey Shore goodness (Wednesday, Jan. 27 11 p.m. EST – BEFORE THE SHORE on MTV)

Vinny – @vinnygmtv – Vinny also tweets when he’s making appearances at clubs and comments on current events in pop culture – most recently the Vikings loss to the Saints. He also jokes around with JWoww and Snooki. Follow him if you want both sides to their jokes.

Sammi and Ronnie – @SammiRonnie – The last to add twitter (and together no less), Ronnie and Sammi have done absolutely nothing worth following. They have one tweet. Of course, if they really broke up on the reunion show then maybe they’re trying to work out who gets the kids (or twitter account) still.


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