One Step Closer to Season Two

January 28, 2010

Ronnie's in for Season Two - Are You?

Ronnie and JWoww Reportedly On Board

MTV and our Favorite JS-ers have supposedly been in negotiations for the past few weeks regarding a second season of the visual crack that is Jersey Shore.

TMZ.com is reporting that MTV first offered each cast member a $10,000 signing bonus plus $5,000 per episode of the new season. That would be a grand total of $70,000 pre-tax, but the cast held out for more money causing MTV to renegotiate and offer $10,000 per episode – for those keeping track that ups their salary to $120,000 without factoring in the signing bonus. Yet, still the cast is holding out for more.

TMZ reports that MTV has given them a hard-deadline of the end of business hours tomorrow to sign or get out. It won’t be a package deal, those that sign on the dotted line will be back, while those that don’t are out.

Ronnie and JWoww seemed to be the first to crack under the pressure and large sum of money. Each have signed on for season 2, according to reports.

Will the others be back? I suppose we’ll find out tomorrow afternoon. $120,000 is a large sum of money to pass up…even for the self-proclaimed King of Reality TV (the Situation) and the others.

Would you watch JS if it wasn’t the same cast?

Photo credit: MTV


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