DJ Pauly D Raises Prices

January 28, 2010

Not only is Pauly D holding out for more money from MTV to come back for a second season of Jersey Shore, but TMZ is also reporting that his DJ fees have skyrocketed to a whopping $10,000-$25,000 per appearance!

He must be one hell of a DJ. Or else he’s just one hell of a business man cashing in on his fifteen minutes of fame.

His going rate pre-Jersey Shore? About $1,000 per night with appearances 4-5 nights a week in Providence, RI.

TMZ says he’s trying to establish a couple of DJ residencies across the nation by setting up a schedule where he offers to help club-goers beat up the beat at three different clubs once every six weeks.

Maybe he’s trying to set up shop away from Rhode Island so his stalker, Danielle, has a longer commute to creep him out. Depending on where he’s headed it could tack on countless hours to her three hour drive from NJ to RI to see him spin after the show ended (but pre-JS Reunion when he told the story).

Photo credit: http://www.mtvdjpaulyd.com


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