Jersey Shore in the Wall Street Journal?

January 29, 2010

The Wall Street Journal holds a certain prestige in the journalism world. The WSJ is one of the cream of the crop of newspapers, joined in its national readership by very few others, and always has tended to have a bit of a high brow view of the world. It takes effort to be featured and mediocrity isn’t rewarded – nor is pop culture a lot of the time.

However, Jersey Shore’s very own Vinny Guadagnino, has somehow broken through to the stuffy journalists who seem to write the WSJ to not only get a mention, but an entire feature! Albeit he only made it onto the blog but I can’t judge as I used to think journalism was a viable career path for myself and have since moved solely to blogging while selling my journalistic soul to the PR side of the spectrum…

Yes, Vinny was featured by the Wall Stree Journal’s Law Blog on Wednesday.

As you may have heard, little brother Vinny has somewhat of an academic side to his life. When he’s not fist pumping in Seaside, NJ, he’s studying, or at least he was. Prior to joining the cast, Vinny was studying at (and graduated from) the State University of New York – New Paltz. He recently told UsMagazine.com that he had a 3.9 GPA and graduated with Latin Honors.

And before getting swept up in all the JS hoopla? Vinny had his eye set on law school – preferably Harvard or Yale depending on how well he did on his LSAT.

He claims his score was mediocre, but he could get into law school if he wanted.

While we’re still keeping track of whether or not he’ll be back for Season Two, Vinny says that law school is always on the back burner.

Read Ashby Jones’ WSJ post on Vinny here.

Photo credit: MTV


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