Jersey Shore Season 2 – Original Cast – A Reality?

January 29, 2010

We’ve got some good news and some bad news to deliver this morning.

Cheer up friends, we'll give you the good news first...

Now, I’m not saying this is completely true information because only one outlet is reporting it at the current moment (and that outlet isn’t TMZ which tends to be spot on with breaking news) but there are rumors flying that the entire cast has signed on to do Season Two!!!

This morning, BuddyTV.com is reporting that the other six members of the house have thrown their hats into the ring with JWoww and Ronnie who reportedly accepted a $10,000 per episode deal yesterday. However, other gossip blogs are still reporting yesterday’s news that negotiations will come to a close today and MTV will move ahead to fill the house with new self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes if the other cast members don’t sign on the dotted line.

Now, if you’re paying attention, you realized I said the other SIX members of the house have joined JWoww and Ronnie. Doing a quick run through of housemates you realize we ended last season with SEVEN cast members. That’s right. BuddyTV is reporting that Angelina (or as they call her, Jolie…) will be back in the house.

Since this is early news and no one else has the story, lets hope BuddyTV got a few of their facts mixed up. While I’d love to see a Season 2, I can do without ever seeing Angelina again. She’s a bigger grenade than the actual grenade!

Your fifteen minutes are up girl, get off the band wagon that is the awesomeness of the other cast members.

We’ll keep trolling the blogosphere for any definite news on Season Two and keep you informed. Cross your fingers they sign today! đŸ™‚

Photo credit: Associate Press and PictureGroup for SpikeTV


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