Pauly D’s new romance?

January 31, 2010

Photo credit: MTV

Is there an MTV reality power-couple in the works? We all know that Sammi and Ronnie have their little fling which Snooki claims is still going strong despite the on-screen Reunion show break-up, but there could be some MTV love blooming from another show.

Rumor has it that Pauly D is creeping it on Farrah Abraham from MTV’s Teen Mom. Perez Hilton and (oddly enough) FOX News are reporting that the hard-partying 18-year-old was by Pauly’s side as he DJ’d a club in Houston, TX recently.

No word on where Farrah’s baby Sophia was, though it’s probably safe to assume that Grandma and Grandpa were taking care of her, like normal.

There’d be a lot to contend with  if there’s any truth to this rumor. First, Farrah is ten years younger than Pauly, but she’s at least 18. And then there’s the fact that he’d have to attempt to play daddy to little Sophia, who lost her own father in a car crash before she was born. Not to mention the distance as Farrah hails from Iowa.

Now that you mention it…the distance seems to make this rumor a bit far fetched from the get-go. Why was Farrah in Texas? And when was Pauly D in Houston? He spent the past few nights in Boston and spent most of last week easily traceable through Twitter…without tweeting that he had ever been in Texas.

And then there’s the added fact that Pauly D himself tweeted about the situation and said it’s “too funny” that these stories are out there.

Let’s hope we can chalk this one up as solely a rumor. You can do so much better Pauly!

 But hey, can you imagine the Teen Mom/Jersey Shore tie-in episode? Farrah looks like she could fist bump with the best of them and we’d get to see Pauly D’s paternal instincts. Could be pure ratings gold…but let’s hope not.


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