Angelina Back at the Jersey Shore

February 1, 2010

Yeah, we know. We hoped to never feature her picture on this blog too...

Unfortunately, TMZ.com is reporting that the elusive 8th cast-mate Angelina has decided that her married boyfriend and all the drama that comes with him isn’t enough to keep her away from Season Two of the Jersey Shore.

You may remember that Angelina left the Shore house in episode three after she had a fight with her boyfriend at Karma and didn’t feel like going to work the next day. She finally showed up hours into her shift to tell The Boss that she was sick and had a lot of drama going on, but he told her no work, no beach house and she packed up her garbage bags and left that day. No one seemed overly concerned with the fact that they lost her as she had started quite a bit of drama with most people in the house and like the Situation said, she was like firecracker who made a loud bang and then fizzled out real fast.

She’s already bringing the drama, though, as she told TMZ that JWoww needs to watch her back. Last week, JWoww told TMZ that she hopes Angelina stays far away from Season Two.

MTV still hasn’t spoken out as to whether or not she’ll be back, and as we said earlier she wasn’t at the Today Show, so maybe she’s just being delusional. We can only hope!

Photo Credit: MTV


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