Pauly D Changes Twitter Handle, Updates Web site

February 1, 2010

If you’re looking to follow, tweet or retweet Pauly D on Twitter these days make sure you leave off three little letters. When we first posted that our Jersey Shore friends had jumped on the Twitter bandwagon his handle was @MTVDJPaulyD. Now, you can find him at @DJPaulyD. We’ve updated our first post to reflect that change, but we wanted to make you all aware as well.

Secondly, Pauly D’s Web site www.mtvdjpaulyd.com is slowly but surely taking shape. We got our first glimpse of it when he started tweeting that you can buy autographed photos of him on the site (here) and since then he’s added his twitter, news, blog and a chat function. There are also quite a few new photos of him posted, which is good because there are only so  many times I can post the same stock promo photos MTV took last year.

Take a look at his site. We hope to do an in-depth review of all their (and by all we mean Pauly D and JWoww as we have yet to find official sites for the others…but we will!) Web sites soon.

Many thanks to chakakan at photobucket for the blinged out Pauly D photo


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