UPDATED: Pauly D Denies Rumored Romance, Heads to Super Bowl with Reebok

February 1, 2010

Pauly D recently took to the web to deny his rumored romance with fellow MTV reality show alum Farrah Abraham. Abraham recently appeared on the show Teen Mom with her daughter Farrah.

All we can say is Thank God that one wasn’t true. Pauly D’s dj-ing lifestyle + JS season 2 = great father figure for little Sophia? As much as we adore Pauly, that just doesn’t seem like it’d be the case. We’re just looking out for the kids here, people.

UPDATE: Pauly D told Radar.com that he has never been to Houston, as we reported last week when these rumors broke, but he does find Abraham attractive. His agent laughed at the rumors as well saying that Pauly has never met Abraham and he’s too busy for a lady right now anyway.

You can catch Pauly D this weekend in Miami along with cast mate Snooki. Pauly is headed to the Superbowl free of charge due to a deal with Reebok, according to TMZ.com. You can try to spot him in the stands wearing his complementary Reebok gear, but his blowout might be a easier to find. No word yet on who he’s going to be rooting for.

Stay tuned to Hairpoof for all your Jersey Shore news!

Photo credit: Zazzle.com


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