Still on our Jersey Shore radar for the day

February 1, 2010

The Situation is coming to our city! He’s going to be here tomorrow night! Our hearts are going to be all JS aflutter for the next few days 😀


We’ve got a couple of episode reviews and commentaries hanging out on another URL that we’re going to move over here soon. Keep an eye out even though we hope you already know all about the awesomeness that is Jersey Shore and its reunion show.


This post over at Writing the Pine. A hilarious view of the Jersey Shore cast in terms of sports power rankings. We’re huge football fans so we love it. Until, you know, they start to hate on Sammi by comparing her to Notre Dame. Shedding some of our anonymity we have in cyberspace as blog authors we’re going to have to cry foul on that comparison as we spent four years at school in South Bend. People do care about Notre Dame, dammit. If you’re comparing Sammi to a Division 1 football team you gotta go with Cincinnati – wait … too soon? Other than that we’re loving it and their photo (see the Situation fully labeled above), can’t wait to go back and check out the other JS power rankings.

(For the non-football fans out there, Notre Dame “stole” the University of Cincinnati’s football coach after a stellar season capped off by a horribly dismal bowl loss to Florida … we still contend that it’s not stealing when Brian Kelly left willingly).



  1. Love your site. Love the shoutout. Will be in South Bend for Michigan v. ND.

    If it weren’t bad enough that we at WTP bashed your alma mater, I’ll be wearing Maize and Yellow that weekend.

    Know of any good places to eat?

    • Thanks! I love your recap of last night’s episodes. I won’t hate on you for wearing the Blue and Yellow (because it’s Blue dammit) until Sept. 11 – and even then it might seem kind of unpatriotic to hate anyone who loves such an American sport.

      Of course I know of great places to eat. What are you looking for? There’s a lot right around campus, but they’re all packed on football weekends. I definitely recommend Rocco’s pizza – you’ll be taking your life into your hands, though, as myself and 90% of all other alums in the area will be vying for a slice. Bruno’s also has good pizza. Nick’s Patio is more family-oriented, but is open 24-hours and has great croissant sandwiches. There’s also Between the Buns, I assume you’re of age, so get yourself a Papa Smirf, rumor has it they won’t serve you more than 2 because they’re so potent.

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