Snooki Denies Sex Tape Rumors

February 2, 2010

Photo credit: Getty Images

For the past few days there have been rumors that JWoww might not be the only Jersey Shore-er who has an interest in Playboy or something of the sort.

Snooki has recently been linked to a couple of nude photos according to both Radaronline.com and Perezhilton.com. We don’t normally report on that sort of gossip as we like to believe that Snickers should be given the benefit of the doubt until these pictures or film actually come to light (as of yet, there have just been text reports of their existence with no proof).

Perez says that the photos are “self-portraits” and include one of her on her knees with one hand on the floor and the other on a bed frame. The other, says Perez, is too risque to describe (hence us doubting it’s existence).

Well, Snooki spoke out against the rumors today on her twitter stating that here are not now, nor will there ever be nude photos or video of her. She also wondered earlier where Radar Online comes up with their info and thinks they just make it up.

So there you have it straight from Snooks’ mouth: The nude photo rumor is just that. A Rumor.


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