The Situation Gets His Own Cologne

February 2, 2010

You too can smell like "The Sitch" by Situation

We’ve always had a penchant for fondly calling our dear Mike “The Situation” the Sitch (and by always we mean since the show premiered in December…but that’s just semantics), and now we’ve learned that the Sitch has no problem with that shortened nickname. In fact, the Sitch is using it himself as the name of his new cologne.

Yes, you read that correctly. Your man can now smell like the Situation – hopefully at the end of the GTL cycle instead of just after the gym… – with “The Sitch” by Situation.

The Situation told Access Hollywood that the cologne is only in the preliminary development stages as of yet, but he’s hoping to find the perfect scent over the next few days. He’s unsure of what it will smell like though.

“[I’m] a pretty spontaneous person,” he said. “I don’t even know, as soon as I find something that I like, I’ll say, ‘That’s it! That is The Situation,’ and we’ll grab it.”

I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for it to be released even if we can’t stand the men’s fragrance counters at department stores.


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