Where in the World is Jersey Shore Season Two?

February 2, 2010

Guessing games are abounding as to where Jersey Shore season two will be filmed. Since MTV wants new episodes available ASAP, the locale has to move to somewhere warmer – the Situation’s abs can’t deal with today’s high of 38 degrees. People have been saying maybe Florida, or California, or the Hamptons, etc. But Perez Hilton is reporting that MTV has asked Vinny and co. whether or not they all have valid passports.

Where could they be going? Cancun? Jamaica?

A foreign locale might actually be ideal for a second season. Since everyone in America knows the cast it’d be hard to recreate the magic of last season where these 20-somethings were plopped down in Seaside Heights and no one knew who they were. I would expect quite a few more fights, and a heck of a lot more groupies if they were to stay in the U.S. Maybe they can slip by somewhat anonymously in abroad.

But then again, a different country has its own problems. Remember when Paris Hilton took her My New BFF show to Dubai and was told she couldn’t cavort in a bikini due to modesty concerns and then she did anyway? I can’t imagine the middle east would be receptive to any of the women’s clothing choices (or JWoww’s boobs in general) or the GTL lifestyle of the guys.

What do you think? Should JS move to foreign soil a la Real World: Cancun (arguably the most interesting Real World in years) or would you rather they stay in the good ole’ U. S. of A.?

Photo credit: MTV


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