Jersey Shore Marathon on MTV

February 4, 2010

While some are tailgating, placing last minute bets or anxiously awaiting the big game by watching all the pre-game hoopla, others just can’t deal with watching 10 hours of Superbowl Sunday entertainment.

There’s only so much the average person wants to know about Peyton Manning and the Colts or Drew Brees and the Saints.

MTV has your answer, and its the best answer possible!


Billed as the Jersey Shore Bowl, MTV will be airing the entire first season of Jersey Shore in order beginning at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning.

See the magic from the beginning and try to pinpoint when the magic really began.

We’d put money on the fact that while the first two episodes are entertaining in a rediculous way, episode three and beyond is what will forever be cemented in pop culture. Angelina leaves, Ronnie and Sammi begin their courtship in full and the Sitch has to deal with rejection. Episode four (also know as The one where Snooki gets punched) cements the family bond, but Episode three is a pure, unadulterated good time and things only go up from there.


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