Headed to Seaside Heights? Rent the Jersey Shore House

February 5, 2010

If you’re making a pilgrimage to Seaside Heights to fist pump at Karma and Beachcombers, visit The Boss’ t-shirt shop, creep it on some hotties or gorillas and steer clear of the grenades and hippos in homage to Jersey Shore (or are just headed there for vacation) this summer, there’s a new option for accomodations.

No self-respecting Jersey Shore fan’s visit to Seaside would be complete without a night in the famed JS house.

That’s right, the house with the distinctive Italian flag garage door and rooftop hottub is for rent once again.

The six-bedroom, 3,200 square-foot beachfront house’s new fame comes at a price for renters, though. It will be available for $6,500 per night starting in May, according to the NY Daily News. That’d be about $45,000 a week.

If you don’t have that much and don’t mind the cold, you can always make the pilgrimage before May where it goes for the off-season price of  $3,500 a night or $24,500 a week.

ABCnews.com reports that MTV only paid $10,000 a week for the house, but ABC also reports that the house is only five bedrooms and will be available for $15,000 a week this summer, so take that with a grain of salt.

The NY Daily News says that the house went through a thorough cleaning after filming wrapped in September so the pickles and moldy cheese smells from the Situation’s pranks should be gone. Unfortunately that also means you won’t find a stray hair gel bottle under Pauly D’s bed.

And it would be Pauly D’s bed – the couches, beds and tables are all those that were seen on the show. The house even comes fully equipped with our favorite DUCK PHONE!

The price may be too steep for Hairpoof’s budget, but you have to admit it would be awesome to get a little GTL in where the cast did. Though, the six bedrooms make us wonder why the cast only used four rooms…

Photo credit: Associated Press


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