Snookin’ For Love? Not in Philadelphia

February 5, 2010

Earlier this morning Snooki took to her Twitter account to extol the virtues of the WIP-AM radio-sponsored Wing Bowl. The bowl, which began in 1993, is set to give the people of Philadelphia a bit of Superbowl weekend pleasure (or gluttony) as the Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been to the big dance in quite some time.

It is a chicken wing eating contest, but also features a contest for women called the “Wingettes.”

The Wingettes, who are normally scantily clad, escort the competitors to the stage and then stick around to cheerlead the event with a grand prize of being named Wingette of the Year. This year’s Wingette won a Harley Davidson.

Snooki’s praise of the event was a bit premature, though, as she was promptly boo-ed when she entered the stage and was shown on the big screen. There are even reports of people throwing empty bottles and other objects at her as she rode a mechanical bull, which was the only time the crowd wasn’t booing her.

She also flipped off a camera when asked how she felt about being booed which seemed to piss off the anchorman. However, she took it in stride and performed the duties of making an appearance by snapping pictures with those not offended by her presence and fist pumping like a champion.

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Poor Snooks, not everyone can be as classy as you. Some people (20,000 of them!) would rather get up at 9 a.m. and drink beer and eat wings while bouncing around without clothes on while trying to win a motorcycle. Because that doesn’t sound like white trash at all (we kid! we kid! If we didn’t have paying jobs that require us to work for 9 to 5 we probably would relish eating wings and drinking all day!).

We don’t feel too bad for Snickers though as she reportedly banked $10,000 to be booed off stage.


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