Jersey Shore Takes Over the Superbowl

February 6, 2010

The Situation, Snooki and Pauly D are in Miami for the Superbowl

No matter who you’re rooting for in the big dance this afternoon, I think we can all agree on one thing. We can’t wait to see the Situation’s Superbowl ad with Peyton Manning – if, in fact, it exists as Mike says it does.

No one is sure what the last minute ad will be for, or what the Sitch and the Colts’ quarterback will be doing, but it was supposedly filmed on Friday. Do many coaches let their quarterbacks shoot commercials two days before the Superbowl? We’re not sure, but aAs soon as we can get our hands on video of the commercial, we’ll definitely pass it along.

But the Situation isn’t the only JS-er in Miami for the game. As we reported earlier this week, Pauly D will be fist pumping a special thanks to Reebok who flew him in for the game and gave him a bit of swag to wear as a walking billboard.

And Snooki is set to travel to Florida tomorrow morning to meet up with her cast mates and a potential love interest (more on that next week) who keeps sneaking into her tweets as “boo.”

Go Saints! Go Colts! Someone will win the game, but we’ll definitely be watching for the commercials.

Photo caption: Chelsea Lately!


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