Ronnie’s Racial Slur

February 6, 2010

If you follow Ronnie on Twitter (@MTVRonnie) like we do you may have noticed a strange and out of place tweet come through your home page yesterday.

The tweet said:

I apologize … don’t get offended … was talking to my boy Vinny … settle down … I love you all

We here at Hairpoof found that a little strange and as we weren’t completely paying attention to our twitter feed while we actively watched radar to figure out just how badly we would be snowed in this weekend we had no idea what it was about.

But, we’ve done a little research and we came to find out that Ronnie included a racial slur when he tweeted our dear Mama’s Boy, Vinny. Specifically he said that LA wasn’t the same without Vinny and he missed him “my n—–.”

As we reported earlier this week, Vinny didn’t travel with the cast to LA to tape Ellen (airing 2/8) and Leno  (airing 3/3)  as he was feeling ill.

But Ronnie is catching some flack from his tweet. He needs to realize that he’s a public figure and can be held accountable for situations such as this. It may be the way he “talks to his boy” but it’s also a derogatory term. And unlike the controversy surrounding the cast’s use of the words guido and guidette, Ronnie can’t claim he’s not being disrespectful because he self-identifies with the word.

We applaud Ronnie for apologizing publicly, but we’re hoping it doesn’t happen again as we don’t need the tide of public opinion turning against our favorite guidos before the second season even begins!

Photo credit: MTV


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