Remember: The Jersey Shore Bowl is happening now on MTV!

February 7, 2010

Just a quick reminder Hairpoof fans. Tune into MTV right now to see the entire first season in order!

We’re on episode one right now:Angelina just cock blocked the Sitch, Pauly D and Vinnie (I definitely didn’t realize he was actually a cast member until four episodes in) and Sammi questioning her feelings for the Situation in light of his response to three “whore bags” (Angelina’s words,  not mine) in the hot tub which we all know pushes her right into Ronnie’s arms. JWoww just got into the fight and yelled at Pauly D for being with “underage” girls because they were 20 and he’s 29. And poor Snooki is laying in her room all alone contemplating leaving.

We can’t wait for episode two to actually see Vinny’s pink eye (remember, we didn’t pay attention to him until ep. 4 so we had no idea he was even supposed to be). Did he get it from the hot tub skanks? Wouldn’t surprise me.

We want to share our favorite tweet on the subject from Dave Holmes – anyone older born in the 80s might remember him as an MTV mainstay back in the late 90s as the host of Say What? Karaoke – from Dec. 18. It definitely explains why we thought Vinny was just a neighbor passing through scenes.

Was Vinnie’s pink-eye fatal? Where is that guy? #jerseyshore@Daveholmes

So sit back and enjoy all the drama from the beginning today on MTV!

Photo credit: MTV


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