Jersey Shore Overexposure? MTV says Cut Down on Appearances

February 8, 2010

We love that they're everywhere...MTV does not...

The Super Bowl, Ellen, Today Show, the Wing Bowl, Rob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory, the Manor in Chicago – Just a few places you could find members of the Jersey Shore cast in the past three days. They’re ubiquitous and are only going to get bigger at the beginning of the summer as MTV promotes Season Two.

In the meantime, though, MTV is getting a little worried that their hottest commodity since Laguna Beach (? or does this go as far back as Beavis and Butthead?) is getting a bit overexposed.

The New York Post is reporting that MTV is going to start to crack down on the cast’s public appearances and limit them to two a week. With the cast getting upwards of $7,500 for each appearance that $15,000+ payday per week doesn’t seem to be too restrictive to us, but what do we know.

Apparently the cast will also have to start getting approval from Jersey Shore’s producers for the appearances as well to keep the cast in line with the brand MTV has created.

The post reports a source saying that they don’t want any of the cast members appearing at topless bars or other scandalous locales as they need to remember that their biggest fan base is females between the age of “12 and 21.”

12 seems a bit young to us, but we had a conversation with a 12-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl over the weekend and they both watched the season finale of JS and could tell us all about the duck phone and Snooki’s impromptu dance party on the boardwalk so what do we know.

Should the cast start to break these rules and continue to appear anywhere and everywhere willing to pay up, MTV is reportedly threatening to fine the cast for breaking their contracts.

So we might be seeing a bit less of JWoww and Vinny in the upcoming weeks, but Hairpoof will still be following their every move to give you the latest on the cast.

No word yet on whether or not the Situation’s visit to Cincinnati has been approved, or not. We’ll let you know with either a really excited or really depressed post again tomorrow.


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