Super Bowl let down

February 8, 2010

Yes, Mike, you have two strikes...

Let it be known that the Situation is on his second strike here at Hairpoof. First, he cancels on our city last week for an MTV event, and now he was misinformed about a Super Bowl ad and got us all excited to see him during the big game only to be sorely disappointed.

It’s a good thing our strikes don’t mean anything because he could potentially get his third tomorrow night during his rescheduled appearance at a club here. But we hope he shows!

It was probably common sense to think that the Super Bowl ad the Situation tweeted about last Thursday would  never come to fruition. He supposedly was shooting the commercial on Friday with Peyton Manning and we’re pretty sure that Jim Caldwell wasn’t going to be letting his star quarterback out of last minute practices and relaxation to focus on the game to shill any products.

Still, it would have been hilarious to see Peyton and the Sitch. Wonder what the ad would have been for? Probably Bud Light since it seems like that and GoDaddy.com were pretty much the only thing advertised last night.

Here’s hoping we’ll see the Situation in an ad soon!

Pauly D and Snooki delivered at the Super Bowl though.

Pauly joined the Situation for a little GTL at the Miami Beach Resort yesterday  morning, according to OK! Magazine. Pauly D, who was rooting for the Colts, just to go against the Sitch who was rooting for the Saints, even DJ-ed an after party.

Snooki took the reins on the other end of the partying, hosting a pre-party at Finnegan’s on the River where she hung out with her rumored boy toy Emilio Masella and took in the game.

Pauly D  ended the night by tweeting that he loves Miami and doesn’t think he’ll be leaving any time soon. Is that a hint as to where Season 2 is taking place? Only time will tell.


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