Sad night at Hairpoof

February 9, 2010

We’ve been reporting for the last two weeks that The Situation was coming to Cincinnati and Hairpoof was going to be first in line to grab a real live glimpse of his famous abs.

Well he came to town and unfortunately we didn’t.

There’s been quite a bit of snow dumped on southwestern Ohio in the past four days. Snow that Cincinnati doesn’t know how to deal with.

We’re allowed to complain, we just spent the past four years in northern Indiana where we’d regularly see a foot or more of lake effect snow fall in 12 hours and it would be business as usual. And we grew up in southern Michigan where one year it started snowing on Dec. 3 and literally didn’t stop until Jan. 4. Our neighbor continuously shovelled our roof so it wouldn’t cave in. So we here at hairpoof know how to handle snow.

And we were all for heading downtown when the Blackfinn announced it was still on. However, more snow started to fall and Cincinnati failed at clearing streets in any sort of a timely fashion (they closed all area colleges! Who does that?? That makes every single other class day more expensive!) and so we were stuck even though we had roughed it out and shovelled the measly 6 inches off our driveway.

We’re pissed we didn’t make it and can only implore the Situation to please come back soon! Or maybe Blackfinn could get Pauly D to spin some beats. Or Snooki to make it poof-tastic. Hell, at this point we’d even take Ronnie and Sammi.



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