Introducing Emilio Masella – AKA Mr. Snooki

February 10, 2010

Emilio Masella + Snooki + Boyfriend

Snooki has always been very open and honest about her relationships or lack thereof. We saw her Snookin’ for love on the boardwalk and in Karma during Season One, but she always seemed to find the men who had girlfriends (she also made out with said men quite a few times before their women came and complained…we fault the men) or the ones that would punch her in the face.

And sometimes, she even found her ex’s who inspire amazing boardwalk dances and then all out freak outs of whining “That’s not cool. That’s not cool! That’s not cool!”

But that was back in September. Since then, Snooki has found a new boy toy and his name is Emilio Masella.

For the past couple of weeks Snooki has been tweeting about her boo and she’s been letting information trickle out about him over time. First, we found out that his twitter handle is @Jealous1sEnV and the two were going to be together at the Super Bowl.

And then the Super Bowl happened and we found out he was a 21-year-old personal trainer at a Gold’s Gym in Connecticut.

According to People Magazine, Emilio and Snooki met over a year ago on Facebook and continued talking throughout the year. They began hanging out after filming wrapped and the show began to air, but they only recently went exclusive.

Snooki tweeted a couple of photos of her and her sweetie at the Super Bowl and the two hung out in Miami Sunday and Monday. And according to Snooki’s tweets the two will be together this weekend again seeing Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried in Dear John.

TMZ has also found a few photos of Mr. Masello as a body builder and dressed as the Hulk.

The two are strangely adorable together – at least through Twitter. They tweet each other cute things throughout the day and Emilio even spends time calling her adorable and cute on the public site.

We love that Snooki found love, but we have to admit, Hairpoof is a little disappointed that we won’t see “Snookin’ For Love” on VH1 anytime soon.

But we’re happy she’s happy.

Photo credit: @Sn00ki tweetphoto


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