The Situation Comes to Cincinnati Despite Blizzard

February 10, 2010

Hairpoof may not have been at the Blackfinn to greet dearest Sitch last night, but that doesn’t mean that about 800 other Cincinnatians didn’t make their way downtown to fist pump with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino (btw, we saw so many Sorrento commercials last night while we weren’t there…it was like the TV was taunting us with a name almost like the Situation’s).

The Cincinnati Enquirer braved the Level 2 Snow Emergency and headed to the Blackfinn where they said The Situation spent much of his time in the VIP section or headed to the kitchens take a break from his three hour appearance. He even made his way to the DJ booth a time or two to spin a couple of tracks and fist pump with the crowd. Other than that the evening appeared to be low-key.

While Marco, the Italian-American who called Tim and MMCMG on KISS 107 FM Monday morning, didn’t show up to protest, there were a few naysayers in the crowd. The Enquirer reports that a couple of the women in attendance were only there to see how skanky the other ladies were dressed in the blizzard and thought the Situation is “nasty” because “he slept with a multitude of women on the show.”

You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when even the people who think you’re disgusting come out to see you in a level 2 snow emergency. Congrats to the Reality King and the Situation Nation!

We’ll try to get some pics from the night up if we can find any.

Did anyone reading brave the storm and see him? What is he like? We’ve heard that he’s only 5’7″…truth to that rumor?

Photo credit: Jan Somma-Hammel


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