Jersey Shore Can Save Us From Aliens

February 11, 2010

During one of our routine trolls of the internet to find any new news about JS, we uncovered a great column by Jay Black over on TV Squad outlining how Jersey Shore would save the Earth from an alien invasion – or at least prevent it.

Jay’s main reasons for thinking this?

Jersey Shore will intimidate the aliens, make them think we aren’t sentient and help us bridge biological gaps with them.

I think my favorite part is his metaphor that the boardwalk is like a trash can and the Jersey Shore cast is like a group of bees. If you see a trash can with a ton of bees flying around it, you’re probably going to skirt that particular trash can. The cast is those bees and Ronnie is looking at the aliens who are debating on invading us going “Keep on walkin’, bro.”

We can see it happening.

Check it out, here.

Photo credit: Life & Style Magazine


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