Pauly D Gets a Full-Time Gig

February 11, 2010

Pauly D is going to be busy soon. Aside from filming the second season of Jersey Shore in South Beach this Spring, he’s also landed an exclusive deal with N9NE Group and the Palms Hotel to DJ.

The N9NE group operates ten venues nationwide so you can expect to see Pauly D hopping across the country. Some of their most well-known venues are the Playboy Club and the Palms Pools and Bungalows at the Palms in Las Vegas, and N9NE Steakhouses in Chicago and Dallas. Chances are Pauly D will be spinning at the Ghostbars in the Chicago Steakhouse and the W Dallas Victory Hotel and Residences Tower (which boasts a 100-square-foot deck built entirely of glass with a see-through floor!).

No word on just how much Pauly D is banking with this partnership, but he’ll probably be eating very well. Aside from the Steakhouses in Vegas, Dallas and Chicago, N9NE also has an Italian restaurant – Nove Italiano – in Vegas, just below the Playboy Club.

Photo Credit: DJPaulyD.com


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