Jersey Shore has another Cincinnati link

February 12, 2010

Anyone who’s a Cincinnati Bengals fan or aware of NFL teams in general should know who Ochocinco is. If you don’t know him by name (formerly Chad Johnson) then you probably know his antics – in the most recent season he “bribed” an official with a dollar during a review of a call and wore a sombrero and poncho while doing a type of Mexican hat dance.

But now Jersey Shore fans have another reason to know Ochocinco.

He recently tweeted a twitpic of himself with Pauly D and the Situation. It’s not clear when the picture was taken, but it seems recent and in a warm climate so it’s possible it was taken last weekend in Miami.

Take a look below. Ochocinco may very well have just become one of our favorite NFL players (though we’ll always hold a special place in our heart at Hairpoof for Brady Quinn. We just hope he has a better season next year,  but even when he loses he still looks good doing it).


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