Scandalous Snooki Photos Surface

February 12, 2010

Two weeks ago we reported that Snooki was denying the existence of any nude or erotic photographs after reports popped up that someone was shopping them around.

Today, that denial was seemingly blown to shreds as RadarOnline reports that naked and suggestive photos have been posted to the Internet and they have seen multiple others.

Hairpoof hasn’t seen any of these photos. Nor do we plan to. We’re not big on looking at nakedness, especially since we’re currently updating from the comfort of our place of work.

However, they are out there.

Radar says that the pictures appear to be legitimate as they compared the background of those they have seen to the pictures Snooki has released on Twitpic of herself in her bedroom posing in the mirror.

Is it just us, or does that sound like such a pervy statement. Really, Radar? You’ve been sitting there “studying” these photos?

They do say that most of the photos are strategically posed and not much of her body is revealed, but still.

In a note of irony, those who posted the photo also posted Snooki’s denial of the existence of the photos appears in a thought bubble above her head.

We’re not condoning looking at these photos, but you can find the link to the site through the RadarOnline link we posted. We just hope we don’t see any clickthroughs on that one.

Photo credit: The Fab Life


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