What has the Jersey Shore Cast Been Up To?

February 12, 2010

On Wednesday, Pop Eater asked the question of what the Jersey Shore cast has been up to since season one wrapped. They caught up with the cast’s personal appearances and headlines over the past few months. Now, you can go check it out over at their site.

Or you could just stay tuned to Hairpoof.

We’ve told you all of the information PopEater provided about the cast. Everything from the wing bowl to Reebok commercials to Vinny’s new tat – we have you covered.

We even covered non-castmate Angelina’s self-declaration that she’ll be back in the house for season two.

In fact, the only information PopEater reported that we haven’t is Ronnie’s alleged indiscretions with an unidentified guidette who is not Sammi (not sure why we never picked that up. Probably because it allegedly happened a week before we started our blog) and JWoww’s clothing line (which we’ll get to as soon as clothing actually goes on sale!).

This post is really just to toot our own horn. Sometimes it rocks to realize that you’ve scooped a well-known entertainment site.

Though in PopEater’s defense, they focus on much more than just JS so periodic posts such as the one they posted on Wednesday are very feasible as they try not to put readers on Jersey Shore overload. We love them for keeping us up to date on celebrities not named the Situation, and JWoww.

Keep checking Hairpoof for the latest Jersey Shore news!


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