Jersey Shore Hits TFLN

February 13, 2010

When something hits pop culture as hard and as fast as Jersey Shore did (it was kind of like the fight that landed Ronnie in jail, “That’s one shot! That’s one shot, kid!”) it’s natural to think that references will seep into other popular mediums. We’ve already seen this proliferation of the GTL-lifestyle with SnookiShop, but now JS has made its way onto one of the Web sites on our permanent blogroll – Texts From Last Night.

For those that don’t know, TFLN aggregates the outrageous, hilarious and all around WTF moments that you get when you open up your phone to check a text after a night out. Pop culture comes up quite often in people’s texts, as do munchies, awkward revelations and reminders of what went on the night before.

Recently, we here at Hairpoof have been noticing a few Jersey Shore related Texts From Last Night. Check out a few below and head on over to Text from Last Night to get a laugh.


Ed hardy stationary at walmart. I’m betting snookie wishes she knew how to write


I guess I fist pumped too hard. I hit my mom in the face and now we’re sitting in the ER.


When we told the nurse what happened, she replied with “OH, Well you don’t look Italian to me!”


Have you ever seen an entire lecture hall fist pump? It’s magical.


is it a bad thing if he can only get off when i start talking like one of the girls from Jersey Shore??


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