Pauly D Books Another Gig

February 15, 2010

In keeping with our Pauly D V-day overload from yesterday, we’ve decided to get back in the swing of things with another Pauly D related post.

Hairpoof has been on auto-update for the weekend since we went home to South Bend, Ind. for a fist-pumping good time at popular dive bar Finnegan’s (aka the Blarney Stone) with some great friends. We didn’t hear any LMFAO, but “Everytime We Touch” worked just as well.

Our trolling for JS updates was severely lacking, so we missed Pauly D and the Situation getting pulled aside by the TSA at LAX for a closer look before being cleared to fly.

We’ll be catching up with Jersey Shore news throughout the day.

Some new news was released about Pauly D this morning though. Last week we told you that he was taking up a permanent residency at the N9NE Groups clubs in Las Vegas, Chicago and Dallas. Now he can add Boston to that list.

TMZ is reporting that the DJ will be spinning at Royale, a new club said to be the largest in all of Boston opening in March. Pauly is scheduled to appear sometime in May and if things go well, the gig could turn permanent.

He’s expected to share the DJ booth with famous spinners like David Guetta – the mastermind behind hit-song “Sexy Bitch” featuring Akon – and Paul Oakenfeld – who has released popular remixed songs like Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body.”

Photo credit: DjPaulyD.com


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