Ronnie and Sammi’s Real Relationship

February 16, 2010

A public break-up on the reunion show, pictures of alleged cheating, canceling scheduled public “couple” appearances, a distant Sammi on the Today Show where Ronnie isn’t present. All signs are pointing to the fact that something big happened between our favorite Jersey Shore lovebugs, despite Snooki’s insistence that the two are still together and Sammi telling Meredith Viera that the two are happy.

RadarOnline is reporting that Sammi and Ronnie haven’t just broken up, but that they aren’t even speaking to each other anymore.

The two recently canceled appearances in Chicago and Toronto without providing an excuse, and a source tells Radar that the two can’t stand to be in the same room with each other.

The reunion show break-up came on the heels of never before seen footage of Sammi talking with the Situation about getting a guy’s number at Karma while Ronnie danced with another girl shortly after the two began hooking up. Sammi began to cry, while Mike claimed that there was nothing deeper to their conversation than two friends discussing a night out, but Ronnie claimed that Sammi had violated his trust and that he “cuts girls quicker than barbers do.”

While the two are said to hate each other, they’ll shortly be thrust together once again as cameras start rolling on season two, rumored to be shot in South Beach. Will the constant closeness rekindle a lost love or will the two be at each other’s throats the entire season? No matter what type of drama, we’ll be there to watch it all … but only if they promise we’ll get to see some more of Ronnie’s insane dance moves.

Photo credit: HollywoodLife.com


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