Italian American Group Wants to Take Legal Action against JS

February 22, 2010

Stephen Izzo, Jr. – the man Ronnie took down with “one shot” on the boardwalk in the penultimate episode of season one on Jersey Shore – isn’t the only person contemplating legal action against the show and MTV, now an Italian-American group is getting in on the action as well.

As we reported this morning, Mr. Izzo filed an injunction with a New Jersey court asking the judge to bar the release of the Jersey Shore Season One DVDs set to be released tomorrow and prevent Ronnie from collecting further payments as a result of his role on the show. Ronnie was charged with aggravated assault after the incident and Mr. Izzo doesn’t feel as though he should continue to be monetarily rewarded for his criminal behavior.

The possible legal action from UNICO – the National Italian-America Service Organization – is less specific. UNICO is fed up with the way Italian-Americans are portrayed on the Shore and Andre Dimino, UNICO’s president, said they have contacted attorneys to find out their possible courses of action.

“The use of words like ‘Guidos’ and ‘Guidettes’ is racial stereotyping in the worst possible sense and they are portraying young Italian Americans in the worst possible light,” Dimino told RadarOnline. “They would not try and get away with the same tactics if it was show full of young African American or Jewish kids, so why is it acceptable to portray Italian Americans in this way?”

Dimino claims that UNICO is standing up for the Italian-Americans who serve in the community and armed services who are “ashamed” of Jersey Shore.

The (old news) reports that broke last week that JWoww and Snooki aren’t 100% Italian (Snooki is also Chilean, and JWoww is also Irish and Spanish) aren’t pacifying Dimino who says it is too little too late and the damage against Italian-Americans has already been done.

He wouldn’t comment on the legal proceedings the group hopes to undertake as they are still in process of taking the first steps towards taking action against MTV.

Stay tuned to Hairpoof for more on UNICO’s case.

Photo courtesy of MTV.com


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