Jersey Shore Season One DVD Safe From Victim’s Law Suit … For Now

February 24, 2010

On Monday we told you that Stephen Izzo, Jr., also known as the man Ronnie took down in “one shot!” in the second to last episode of season one on Jersey Shore, was seeking atemporary restraining order to bar the release of the first season on DVD.

Mr. Izzo and his attorney’s said that it was unfair that Ronnie was going to profit from his criminal behavior on the program and also sought to prevent him from receiving any more profits from the show.

However, a judge didn’t seem to see it that way and allowed MTV to go ahead with the roll out of the Uncensored DVD yesterday (buy it on Amazon.com here). He didn’t completely dismiss the case, though, and set a hearing for March 19, according to the New York Times.

At the March 19 hearing, the judge asked MTV and the production company who filmed Jersey Shore to come prepared with an arguement as to why he shouldn’t grant Mr. Izzo’s request.

Win for JS fans, but we’re crossing our fingers that MTV’s attorney’s work overtime to keep Season One available for public consumption!

Photo credit: MTV



  1. that would suck if the dvd didnt get released!

  2. The woman everyone hates is Jenni JWOWW.He so retarded,and she think,that she is pretty when she is’nt.She has a very bad attitude and she dress up like a prostitute on the street.

  3. Think Sammi & Angelina is the best women in that show.They’re polite and pretty.

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