Pauly D on air with Ryan Seacrest

February 24, 2010

Gotta love iTouch apps – we’re currently sitting at work in Cincinnati and listening to LA’s KISS 102.7 on iHeartRadio.

A bit of a live tweet if you will:

7:09 am (LA time) – Ryan: from what I hear, you guys are really, really kind

– Pauly D: on the show they only show us partying, but in real life we’re actually family oriented

7:10 – Ryan: yesterday you and the Situation met Kim Kardashian, she wants to know her JS nickname

– Pauly D: I’m infatuated with the girl. She seems very down to earth. We’re going to call her “The Infatuation” because we’re all infatuated with her.

– Ryan: That’s perfect. We have the Infatuation, The Situation and the Pulsation (Seacrest’s nickname for “always having his finger on the pulse.”)

Well, that was a quick hit and Pauly D hung up so I guess that’s all Ryan Seacrest is going to talk about that’s JS related today. But if you really want us to report on LA’s traffic that we’re hearing right now we can do that as well. We’re guessing you don’t really care though.

Yesterday, The Situation and Pauly D were on Seacrest’s show as well and the news officially came out that Season Two will film in Miami – which we reported late last month.


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