Jersey Shore Cast to Invade George Lopez Next Week

February 25, 2010

The entire Jersey Shore cast took a day out of their busy schedules of photo shoots with Bar Rafaeli, regretting season one wardrobe choices and giving Kim Kardashian Jersey Shore-esque nicknames to film a series of vignettes that will play on The George Lopez Show all next week.

The cast flew to LA for the day and headed to Lopez’s studio tired from their long flight and night out the night before. Snooki even tweeted that she was so tired her eyes were burning. But they toughed it out and gave it their all in front of a green screen.

Snooki and JWoww even managed to get a few shots of themselves in costume tweeted.

It looks as though the cast recreated a scene from the Oscar nominated Inglorious Basterds in which a group of Jewish-American soldiers, led by Brad Pitt, spread fear through the Third Reich by killing and scalping Nazi officers.

Snooki took on Pitt’s role of Lt. Aldo Rain, though her costuming is a bit more fitted than Pitt’s ever was. And the rest of the cast fell in as the “Basterds.”

It’ll be interesting to see just what they filmed yesterday, though it’s safe to say their costumes look great.

Tune into The George Lopez Show at 11 p.m. est on TBS all next week to see our favorite JS-ers.

Photo credit: @Jwoww and @Sn00ki


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