JWoww Regrets Jersey Shore Wardrobe

February 25, 2010

News has been coming out all week that JWoww isn’t happy with the clothing she wore during season one on the Jersey Shore. She hit up the Kim Kardashian show during New York’s fashion week last week and told reporters that her biggest fashion regret while filming was “everything on the show.”

She seems to be the only one concerned with that fact as there was a clamoring for JWoww-esque clothing shortly after she wore the infamous yellow top in episode two.

In case you don’t remember, it was the first night she hooked up with Pauly D when Sammi and the Situation had to work but the rest of the cast decided they were going to go out for the night. The drape neck top showed off a healthy portion of her “assets.”

She was even going to turn her Season one fashion into a side business, claiming that she was starting her own clothing line through her Web site www.jwoww.com. That was short lived, though, and links to her clothing disappeared a month ago.

No word on whether or not the clothing line is still in the works, or whether or not her fashion will actually change when season two starts filming in Miami in the coming months. But, JWoww did tell reporters at fashion week one accessory that she does plan on wearing for season two – earrings.

“Earrings!” she told them. “I have chubby ears, so I gotta wear my earrings.”


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