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A Sneak Peek at Jersey Shore’s Season Two Digs

March 31, 2010

Jersey Shore Season Two House - Metropole Hotel ApartmentsWe have epically failed at bringing you the latest & greatest Jersey Shore updates recently. To give us some peace of mind on the topic, we’ve been telling ourselves that JS news will be slowing down over the next two months as our favorite guidos and guidettes signed off Twitter (and we assume out of the limelight) yesterday as they headed to Miami to shoot the second season.

For the next two months, we’ll miss Snooki mugging it with Emilio, the Sitch sending love to “his fam, friends – oh and don’t forget the haters,” Vinny’s non-sequitors about how Duke will take the NCAA National Championship, JWoww’s love for Family Guy, House and titilating men with complaints of her “almost” bikini-ready body (complete with Twitpics), and Pauly D’s jetsetting life style on Twitter.

And we’ll especially miss speculations of Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship through the useful gems they provide us on the social networking site – did anyone else catch it when Ronnie tweeted a pic of him and two lovely ladies who were definitely not Sammi? And Sammi’s subsequent tweet of “and you wonder why you’re called an ex”? Sammi’s tweet recently disappeared from her Twitter timeline, but we saw it! Did you?

Now that Season 2 is a reality, we’re excited to be able to give you a sneak peek into the JS crew’s rumored new digs – the Metropole Hotel Apartments.

According to Pink is the New Blog, MTV crews were seen moving equipment into the posh apartments earlier this week.

Rumors also have it that popular South Beach nightclub Mynt refused access to MTV camera crews, so there’s no word on what will be the Karma and Beachcombers. But really, that’s probably for the best. The JS crew seem at home in hole-in-the-wall bars, lets stick to what we know this season…


Angelina thinks ‘Jersey Shore’ ruined her life

March 24, 2010

Hear that?……..listen closer….It’s the sound of the world’s tiniest violin playing for Angelina, the cast member who unceremoniously made her decision to leave the shore house in episode 3 to be with her married boyfriend.

Angelina thinks that being on the show ruined her life … which is obviously why she continued to tell anyone who would listen that MTV approached her to be on Season 2 a couple of months ago.

She recently told Life & Style magazine that her former housemates are sending threatening, menacing and hurtful text messages to her.

“I got a text from Mike saying, ‘Be prepared to get your ass beat, you pale rat bitch. Nobody likes you in the house,'” she told Life & Style. “Jenni has been telling people she wants to beat me up, and Snooki says she’s going to beat me up too. I don’t understand why they hate me.”

You know, when I get threatening text messages and people claim they’re going to beat me up and I believe them I always call Life & Style as well. I figure they can protect me better than the local authorities. I mean, they’re freaking Life & Style…

She also claims that the night after she and Pauly D hooked up in LA – which we unfortunately haven’t been able to disprove as a rumor – Pauly hurt her by hooking up with another woman right in front of her.

What are your thoughts?

To us, she sounds like a girl who’s desperate to hold onto her 5 minutes of fame as the other cast members prepare to jet to Miami to start filming a season of a cultural phenomenon she voluntarily left….of course, if her life really has been ruined, our public disdain of her probably doesn’t help…oh well.

And you know, Angelina, maybe they  hate you because of the fact that you routinely cock blocked the boys and gave us little gems of quoteslike this one from Episode 2:

If a girls a slut, she should be abused

Not cool Angelina, not cool.


The Situation is still the Situation in any language

March 23, 2010

Jersey Shore will begin airing in 30 countries outside North America this week allowing teens and young adults in other cultures to get tanned, juiced and crazy while introducing them to the GTL lifestyle.

While the episodes will be dubbed into other languages – GTL is going international as GBL in Latin America (gimnasio, bronceado, lavandería) – some things just can’t be translated.

We won’t be seeing Ronnie, Pauly D, Sammi, Snooki, JWoww and unfortunately for two episodes Angelina joined by Mike “El Situacion,” or “Situazione” in the Shore house. Nope, The Situation is going international and defying translation.

We can’t wait for some of the International ad campaigns to come trickling back to America. They have to be stellar as they include young people of different nationalities grooming themselves to look like our favorite guidos (is that a derogatory term in Italy? that might be weird), and there’s even a print ad with the excellent tag line of:

“Muscles + gel + tanning bed = sex.”

Yup, people outside of America. That’s really all you need to get sex here…muscles, gel and a tanning bed. Actually, it probably is for foreigners. I mean, they already have the accent going for them, just look at Colin in the movie Love, Actually. He got Elisha Cuthbert, January Jones and Ivana Milicevic without as a pale and pasty world traveler, just imagine the women he could have gotten if he had adhered to GTL.


Filming begins on Jersey Shore Season Two!

March 22, 2010

Though you wouldn’t know it from their Twitter feeds which are as ambiguous about location as ver, rumor has it that the Jersey Shore cast has landed in Miami to start filming Season Two!

TMZ reported yesterday that the cast was told they’d definitely be headed to South Beach sometime this week. Camera crews reportedly descended on our favorite guido’s homes to film the pre-flight packing routine just as they did last season (footage of which was seen on ‘Before the Shore’).

There’s no word on whether or not Pauly D tried to pack his tanning bed for the flight from NJ to FL. Hopefully, MTV preempted that by providing an in-house salon – because, let’s face it, they would have to put 7 beds in the house or else we’d be watching footage of the cast standing in line waiting their turn under the lights.

Also, did you guys catch MTV’s Fist Pumpin’ Spring Break special with Pauly, Snooki and the Situation? We got to see a bit of their GTL routine and learned that Pauly and the Sitch don’t really know how to do laundry at a laundromat.

We also learned that Snooki and Pauly D supposedly hooked up on their last night in the shore house…though that seems like a bit of a ploy to snag viewers than the truth. If it’s true, Snooki got around that night as we saw her making out with the Sitch in the hot tub in the season one finale…why didn’t we see her and Pauly D? (Or for that matter, why didn’t the Sitch see her with Pauly seeing as how they roomed together?)

It could have happened though. Afterall, Pauly did leave us with this gem of a quote from episode 2:

In a weird Snookers world, like me and Snookers would make the best, like, little guidos and guidettes, little poofs and blow-outs on our little kids.


Snooki learned excessive drinking had consequences

March 19, 2010

A story has just broken about our favorite poofed guidette and the dangers of drinking to excess – in 2004, then 17-year-old Snooki was charged in connection to the drunk driving-related death death of a friend after a Thanksgiving party she threw at her mother’s house.

Michael Truncali,18, was killed when he rolled his car into a ditch in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day. He had attended a party at Snooki’s mother’s house, at which her mother was present, where Snooki was selling alcohol – presumably charging for cups. His blood alcohol level (BAC) was reportedly .18, over two times the legal limit.

His family is now speaking out against the glorification of binge drinking on Jersey Shore and similar television shows, though Michelle Truncali states that they aren’t out to vilify Snooki’s name.

“We’re not out to trash Nicole. I never blamed her for what happened. She was a 16-year-old. I blame others,” she told the gossip “I am not looking for those people to get arrested. I just want the truth.”

“I just don’t feel that parents should allow underage drinking in their homes,” added Bill Truncalli, upset that MTV’s “Jersey Shore” appears to “glorify” alcohol consumption.

Truncali’s parents hope that coming forward now will help warn teens of the dangers of underage drinking and driving under the influence.

Snooki was charged with prohibited sale of alcoholic beverages and the outcome of her case was sealed because she was a minor.

Such a sad story. One hopes the Truncali family can find peace in the loss of their son and that they truly aren’t trying to besmirch Snooki’s name but are truly trying to raise awareness of the dangers of binge drinking and drinking and driving.

Photo credit: OK! Magazine


Jersey Shore Bobble Heads to Debut

March 15, 2010

You know you’ve made it when you get a Bobble head designed in your likeness. All the big stars have one – *NSYNC, Elvis, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz – and now, Snooki, Pauly D and the Situation are being immortalized in plastic.

Cameron Collectibles is releasing a series of Bobbleheads based on some of our Jersey Shore favorites sometime this year. But don’t go rushing out to order the $11.99 collectibles just yet, all three of the designs are out of stock.

If you just can’t live without them, however, keep an eye on the Cameron site. You can find the JS designs on the Coming Soon page. There you’ll find The Situation pointing to the situation, Pauly D with his DJ headphones, and Snooki with her infamous (and our favorite) poof.

No word yet on when these babies will be available for the general public. Let’s hope MTV snatches up a couple to decorate the Miami beach house that the cast will be moving into in two weeks to film season 2.


Snooki visits the ‘Cake Boss’

March 11, 2010

Photo courtesy of: The Huffington Post

Two of our favorite Jersey reality shows collided yesterday when Snooki visited Buddy’s bakery from TLC’s Cake Boss.

We’ll be able to see more of Snooki’s visit to Carlo’s Bakery when the scene they shot together airs during season 3 of the show, but Snooki didn’t hide the fact that she was there and tweeted multiple pictures of her with the Boss.

She also didn’t hide what Buddy is making for her – a three-tiered strawberry vanilla cake for her mom on Mother’s Day.

Snooki spent most of the afternoon at the bakery visiting with Buddy, his family and the other bakers in the shop. She even tried some of bakery’s famous cannoli’s calling them “beyond amazing.”

Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Snooki on a lot of different channels this summer as season 2 of Jersey Shore is set to begin filming by the end of the month.