The Hurt Locker and Inglourious Basterds, Jersey Style

March 2, 2010

So who caught Lopez Tonight last night? Unfortunately, we can say that we did. Fortunately, the Jersey Shore cast saved us from trying to pluck out our eyeballs.

Does anyone thing George Lopez is really a good late night host? We felt like all he did was talk loudly to people and spend very short periods of time “interviewing” people. But, that’s fodder for a post on a different blog.

The reason we subjected ourselves to Lopez Tonight – and even live tweeted the episode (was that annoying? That might have been annoying…but it kept us sane) – was, of course, JS related. As we told you yesterday, the Jersey Shore cast is spoofing six of the 2010 Academy Awards Best Picture nominees.

Last night, Ronnie, The Situation and Pauly D took over The Hurt Locker with some well-placed quips about hair products and nicknames – and a joke about Ronnie and Sammi’s love triangle with The Situation.

So we have to ask ourselves – is Ronnie so comfortable in his relationship with Sammi that he can now joke about the almost-relationship Sammi almost had with The Sitch when it used to cause him to spout lines like “I cut girls faster than barbers!”? Or is the relationship so over that he doesn’t care if they poke fun at the fact that the Sitch had her first?

Questions aside, the clip was funny. Check it out below.

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But while The Hurt Locker, JS-style was fun, the real jewel came towards the end of the program when Vinny stepped into the leading role. Vinny often took a back seat to Ronnie’s temper, Pauly D being a wing man and the Situation creeping during Season one so we’re happy that we got to see a bit more of him last night.

Not only was he funny stepping into the role of Perrier LaPadite in Inglourious Basterds, but he even gave us the best news of the night when he said that Angelina is not coming back to Season Two of JS. Woo!

Now let’s hope Vinny stays this visible during season two filming. The kid has really grown on us. 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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