Snooki as Precious, The Situation as Michael Oher

March 4, 2010

Well, Lopez Tonight finally got smart about the fact that the videos posted on YouTube were being embedded by other people and disabled that function. We’re not big fans of that because it really hurts videos rather than helping them (see OKGo frontman Damien Kulash’s op-ed piece in the New York Times on the subject – WhoseTube?), but we’ll play along for today.

Tuesday, Snooki portrayed Lt. Aldo Rain from Inglourious Basterds on Lopez Tonight. On Wednesday, she took on Mariah Carey's role in Precious.

Last night, Lopez Tonight treated viewers to The Blind Side and Precious as told by the Jersey Shore Cast.

First up was The Situation in The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock confused Mike “The Situation” with Big Mike from the story. Bullock’s character is worried about The Sitch because he’s walking to the gym late at night and throughout their interaction we find out that his GTL routine is actually a defense mechanism for his low self-esteem, but that doesn’t stop him from hopping in the car hoping to make a sex tape with Mrs. Congeniality.

Next up, we saw Snooki stepping into the world of Precious. I haven’t actually seen Precious, and I don’t plan to due to the uncomfortable nature of the subject matter, so this parody was a bit lost on me. That didn’t stop me from enjoying Snooki’s irreverent counseling of Precious – until, of course, I realized that she was being hilariously irreverent to an abused teenager…I seem to have a bit of a conscience. Still, the last 10 seconds are worth it. Like Snooki says, “it’s 3 o’clock somewhere…”

And finally, we saw Sammi as Precious interacting with Mo’Nique, Precious’ abusive mother. That conscience I seemed to develop during Snooki’s clip came roaring out as I watched this one. There wasn’t even an ‘OMG I can’t believe they just did that and I’m giggling about it even though I shouldn’t’ moment. Nope, it was pure ‘WTF were they even thinking when they decided this was a good idea?!’ I’m not sure I can condone a parody of parental physical abuse as we see Sammi with different and progressively worse injuries…I just hope tonight’s parodies of Up in the Air aren’t  nearly as offensive.

Since we can’t embed the videos, check them out on George Lopez’s Web site here.


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