Pauly D, Ronnie and JWoww Take on Up in the Air on Lopez Tonight

March 5, 2010

A toast to all the Oscar nominees for Best Picture. Can't wait to see who wins on Sunday night!

Lopez Tonight wrapped up Oscar week with another round of Jersey Shore presents last night.

It might just be us, but nothing has topped Vinny’s clip from Inglourious Basterds on Monday night.

Last night, we were treated to Pauly D acting “opposite” George Clooney in Up in the Air. Pauly D wanted to know Clooney’s sexual history and his lines fit in well out of context with the movie, but the acting wasn’t great. Of course, these are parodies and the acting isn’t supposed to be great, but Vinny at least got into his role on Monday night and kept the tone of the clip consistent.

Check out Pauly D in Up in the Air here.

Ronnie and JWoww managed to rescue the past few days of mediocre clips, however, with their version of comparing cards in Up in the Air. The scene got back to what made these parodies fun – a commentary that lets viewers know that the Jersey Shore cast realizes the rediculousness of their fame and can laugh with us about it. JWoww is impressed that Ronnie has a Tanfastic Tanning Salon Conceirge Key, and even more in awe when he says he thinks he’s clocked around 300 hours under the lamps. But it’s fine because he has a Skin Cancer Elite card to counter the obvious damage he’s doing to his body…

Check it out here.


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