Headed to Atlantic City? See it Jersey Shore style

March 8, 2010

Did anyone else not realize that the Tropicana has multiple locations in places that aren’t just Vegas? Because I was really confused when I read NBC New York’s news that the Tropicana is betting on the Jersey Shore experience being a big draw because people want to stay where the cast stayed during their trip.

So, yeah. FYI, the Tropicana Casino and Resort is in both Las Vegas AND Atlantic City.

Now that we have that cleared up, lets get down to it.

Are you headed to Atlantic City? Do you have an extra $878? And most importantly, do you love Jersey Shore?

If you answered yes to all three of those questions, take a trip to the Tropicana Web site and reserve yourself a Jersey Shore package.

The package features overnight accomodations, dinner reservations at a gourmet Italian restaurant, and a next-day breakfast at the Seaside Cafe. You also get a gift certificate for the Tropicana Salon where you can get the perfect poof or blowout a la Snooki or Pauly D, and VIP admission at Providence with access to  nightclubs, beverages and discounted parking.

Your accomodations will come fully stocked with Italian favorites like sopreseta, prosciutto, bread sticks and candy. Wait, no pickles?

Wanna stay where JWoww punched the Sitch? Check it out below

If that isn’t enough of a Jersey Shore vacation for you, check out their VIG package – for Very Important Guidos only.

The VIG package costs $4,230 a night for a four person stay in the infamous Jersey Shore suite where JWoww punched the Situation for being a douche and not walking her back to the room when she was drunk.

I wish I lived closer to Atlantic City. It looks like a great vacation!

Not everyone thinks so, though. Once again Andre Dimino is pitching a fit about this. If you remember, Dimino is the president of UNICO – the National Italian-American Service Organization – and is pissed about the popularity of Jersey Shore. So much so that he wants to file a lawsuit against the show.

Now Dimino is claiming the Tropicana is perpetuating a hurtful and negative stereotype. Specifically, he takes issue with the VIG packages as the casino and hotel is using a “pejorative term” and he thinks they would never use a pejorative term for any other race.

Photo credit: MTV


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