JWoww and boyfriend, Tom, weather the fame storm

March 9, 2010


Not the cast member you’d expect to come out of the Jersey Shore with a healthy relationship (no offense intended…it’s just kind of true), especially when you remember that she seemed hazy about her relationship status at the beginning of the show, hooked up with Pauly D in the first few episodes, kind of sort or didn’t really tell said boyfriend about it and then seemed to argue with him about whether or not her drinking would lead to her cheating again every time he called the Duck Phone.

But she apparently did. She and Tom Lippolis (who was forever immortalized in quote form by Pauly D when he said “This kids a sucka, he keeps sending her all this shit.”) have been business and romantic partners since before the first season filmed.

The two first struck up a friendship when they had a lot of meetings together, but neither was looking for a relationship and neither thought the other was their type, according to Tom. Then, two days before she left for Seaside Heights the couple had their first sleep over … with all that entails.

“I spent the night at her house. It was the night before the show arrived at her door with a ticket to go. So we officially started dating two days before she left for the show” he tells RadarOnline. “We were totally not looking for each other and then we just found each other.”

After JWoww came back from filming the first season, their relationship progressed and the couple moved in together. And then, the first season aired and the infamous yellow shirt night with Pauly D’s prince albert came to light. Tom says they worked through it, though.

“She had to do what she had to do,” he told RadarOnline about that night. “But it did bother me and we had some problems.”

Now, however, he’s the only person JWoww trusts and has become her manager and travel buddy and will be running her clothing line when she starts shooting season 2.

I can’t decide if it’s sweet that they’re still together or if this kid seems like a complete fame whore.

The fact that he did an exclusive interview with Radar and provided them with exclusive pictures of the couple reeks of someone who wants attention. As does the fact that he told them things like this:

“At this point if she was to get with anyone else she couldn’t trust them because they would be with her for the wrong reasons and she understands that,” Tom told RadarOnline.com.


“I see a long future together. I will be doing business with her and If I we weren’t so young at this point we would probably be engaged already,” Tom said.

I’m sorry Tom, but marriage and business are two completely different things. I hope that was just a slip up on your part, or RadarOnline’s as they have absolutely no journalistic style (periods inside of quotes? really?), because that sounds like you’re planning on getting married to her for the money she’s going to pull in during the second season. And your comment on the fact that she can’t trust anyone else and she understands that makes you sound controlling.

I can’t help but hope I’m wrong. JWoww, like everyone, deserves some happiness.

Photo Credit: Twit pic by @Jenniwoww


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