Snooki learned excessive drinking had consequences

March 19, 2010

A story has just broken about our favorite poofed guidette and the dangers of drinking to excess – in 2004, then 17-year-old Snooki was charged in connection to the drunk driving-related death death of a friend after a Thanksgiving party she threw at her mother’s house.

Michael Truncali,18, was killed when he rolled his car into a ditch in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day. He had attended a party at Snooki’s mother’s house, at which her mother was present, where Snooki was selling alcohol – presumably charging for cups. His blood alcohol level (BAC) was reportedly .18, over two times the legal limit.

His family is now speaking out against the glorification of binge drinking on Jersey Shore and similar television shows, though Michelle Truncali states that they aren’t out to vilify Snooki’s name.

“We’re not out to trash Nicole. I never blamed her for what happened. She was a 16-year-old. I blame others,” she told the gossip RadarOnline.com. “I am not looking for those people to get arrested. I just want the truth.”

“I just don’t feel that parents should allow underage drinking in their homes,” added Bill Truncalli, upset that MTV’s “Jersey Shore” appears to “glorify” alcohol consumption.

Truncali’s parents hope that coming forward now will help warn teens of the dangers of underage drinking and driving under the influence.

Snooki was charged with prohibited sale of alcoholic beverages and the outcome of her case was sealed because she was a minor.

Such a sad story. One hopes the Truncali family can find peace in the loss of their son and that they truly aren’t trying to besmirch Snooki’s name but are truly trying to raise awareness of the dangers of binge drinking and drinking and driving.

Photo credit: OK! Magazine


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