Angelina thinks ‘Jersey Shore’ ruined her life

March 24, 2010

Hear that?…..no?…..listen closer….It’s the sound of the world’s tiniest violin playing for Angelina, the cast member who unceremoniously made her decision to leave the shore house in episode 3 to be with her married boyfriend.

Angelina thinks that being on the show ruined her life … which is obviously why she continued to tell anyone who would listen that MTV approached her to be on Season 2 a couple of months ago.

She recently told Life & Style magazine that her former housemates are sending threatening, menacing and hurtful text messages to her.

“I got a text from Mike saying, ‘Be prepared to get your ass beat, you pale rat bitch. Nobody likes you in the house,'” she told Life & Style. “Jenni has been telling people she wants to beat me up, and Snooki says she’s going to beat me up too. I don’t understand why they hate me.”

You know, when I get threatening text messages and people claim they’re going to beat me up and I believe them I always call Life & Style as well. I figure they can protect me better than the local authorities. I mean, they’re freaking Life & Style…

She also claims that the night after she and Pauly D hooked up in LA – which we unfortunately haven’t been able to disprove as a rumor – Pauly hurt her by hooking up with another woman right in front of her.

What are your thoughts?

To us, she sounds like a girl who’s desperate to hold onto her 5 minutes of fame as the other cast members prepare to jet to Miami to start filming a season of a cultural phenomenon she voluntarily left….of course, if her life really has been ruined, our public disdain of her probably doesn’t help…oh well.

And you know, Angelina, maybe they  hate you because of the fact that you routinely cock blocked the boys and gave us little gems of quoteslike this one from Episode 2:

If a girls a slut, she should be abused

Not cool Angelina, not cool.


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  1. […] should have left her well enough alone. The show ruined her freaking life and the cast hates her (all straight from her own mouth), so why would you ever ever think about bringing her back. And on top of that you’re going […]

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