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Jersey Shore house is full of STDs?

June 7, 2010
The men of Jersey Shore

Ronnie, Pauly D, the Situation and Vinny pull up to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards June 6. Photo courtesy of MTV

Well, we can’t actually say we’re surprised at the fact, but it’s surprising that the producers are coming out and talking about it!

SallyAnne Salsano, the mastermind behind the wonderful pop culture gem that is Jersey Shore, sat down for a round table discussion with The Hollywood Reporter and Dr. Drew Pinsky from VH1’s Celebrity Rehab.

Pinksy said that VH1 mandated that the cast do things completely unrelated to the show like requiring everyone to take Valtrex – a common prescription medication used to treat herpes.

Salsano jumped on that saying: “We hand it out like M&Ms! ‘Hey kids, it’s time for Valtrex!’ It’s like a herpes nest. They’re all in there mixing it up.”

Once again, not surprised…we had an idea that was happening, but still. Let us think that our greasy reality stars aren’t completely dirty and creepy…



April 7, 2010
Angelina in Miami for Jersey Shore Season Two

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Cue our well-intentioned fan-girl yell of “Noooooooooooooooo!”

Perez Hilton AND TMZ are reporting that the non-cast member ANGELINA has RETURNED for SEASON TWO! Nooooooo!

Cast members descended on Miami yesterday to begin filming after two (we assume) very long car trips in which the stars were separated by sex. Snooki and JWoww were in one car while Pauly D and the Situation were in another. No word on how Ronnie, Vinny or Sammi got there. And then, out of nowhere, ANGE-Fricken-LINA arrived with luggage in tow – apparently in actually suitcases this time instead of garbage bags.

This pisses us off to no end. Season two will not be nearly as epic as last season based solely on the fact that she’ll be there.

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We’ve also seen our first glimpses of the awkwardness that will occur this season. Last season, a group of 8 unknowns descended on Seaside Heights. They partied, loved and fought other vacationers and locals and no one really knew who they were. This season, 7 high profile cast members (and one bitch) are walking the streets of Miami and everyone knows their name. Perez Hilton posted pics of Snooki, Pauly D and Mike walking the streets with some definite creepers in the background. And not the good type of creepers that Ronnie likens himself to … no, these were amatuer paparazzi capturing every second of the Sitch walking in his grey wifebeater and OchoCinco Reebok shoes (I hear they’re called ZigTechs…).

It’ll be an entirely different atmosphere in Season Two. Kind of like Cheers, where everyone knows their names…

Anticipating that awkwardness, MTV is trying to be proactive in keeping the Jersey Shore tide alive by sending out casting calls for “tanned and toned fist pumpers” who could “dominate the gym, tear up the dance floor and rule the bedroom.” Those that apply have to be over 21 but appear to be under the age of 30…In other words, Season Two hasn’t even been filmed yet and our dear cast is going to get replaced in Season Three!

WTF MTV. WTF! Angelina should never have been offered the Olive Branch. She burned her bridges in episode two and you should have left her well enough alone. The show ruined her freaking life and the cast hates her (all straight from her own mouth), so why would you ever ever think about bringing her back. And on top of that you’re going to replace our beloved cast?! Sure, Season Two won’t have the same feel as Season One, but Season Three sure as hell won’t work with a new cast.

Honestly MTV, why did you ditch Road Rules in favor of strictly doing Real World/Road Rules Challenges? BECAUSE NO ONE CARED about new Road Rules people (actually, that’s a complete lie. I totally miss Road Rules) and only want to see Kenny, Wes, Coral and Tonya try to kill each other while they’re wasted and then have to work together on a ridiculous challenge like “Mexican Blanket Rolling” the next day. Shame on you MTV!

(Side note: How do I sign up for the job of coming up with what challenges the cast will do? I want to sit around a cushy studio in Times Square and say things like “let’s have them roll down a beach in blankets….wait for it…Mexican blankets!” or “how about we have them sit on a block of ice in speedos and bikinis and slide across the floor!)


Headed to Atlantic City? See it Jersey Shore style

March 8, 2010

Did anyone else not realize that the Tropicana has multiple locations in places that aren’t just Vegas? Because I was really confused when I read NBC New York’s news that the Tropicana is betting on the Jersey Shore experience being a big draw because people want to stay where the cast stayed during their trip.

So, yeah. FYI, the Tropicana Casino and Resort is in both Las Vegas AND Atlantic City.

Now that we have that cleared up, lets get down to it.

Are you headed to Atlantic City? Do you have an extra $878? And most importantly, do you love Jersey Shore?

If you answered yes to all three of those questions, take a trip to the Tropicana Web site and reserve yourself a Jersey Shore package.

The package features overnight accomodations, dinner reservations at a gourmet Italian restaurant, and a next-day breakfast at the Seaside Cafe. You also get a gift certificate for the Tropicana Salon where you can get the perfect poof or blowout a la Snooki or Pauly D, and VIP admission at Providence with access to  nightclubs, beverages and discounted parking.

Your accomodations will come fully stocked with Italian favorites like sopreseta, prosciutto, bread sticks and candy. Wait, no pickles?

Wanna stay where JWoww punched the Sitch? Check it out below

If that isn’t enough of a Jersey Shore vacation for you, check out their VIG package – for Very Important Guidos only.

The VIG package costs $4,230 a night for a four person stay in the infamous Jersey Shore suite where JWoww punched the Situation for being a douche and not walking her back to the room when she was drunk.

I wish I lived closer to Atlantic City. It looks like a great vacation!

Not everyone thinks so, though. Once again Andre Dimino is pitching a fit about this. If you remember, Dimino is the president of UNICO – the National Italian-American Service Organization – and is pissed about the popularity of Jersey Shore. So much so that he wants to file a lawsuit against the show.

Now Dimino is claiming the Tropicana is perpetuating a hurtful and negative stereotype. Specifically, he takes issue with the VIG packages as the casino and hotel is using a “pejorative term” and he thinks they would never use a pejorative term for any other race.

Photo credit: MTV


Ronnie Magro Uses Homophobic Terms

February 16, 2010

Juiced up JS cast member Ronnie is in the news again, and once again he’s not being shown in a favorable light. A couple of weeks ago we reported that Ronnie was in a bit of a scrap after using a racial slur on Twitter to refer to Vinny.

This time, he’s being called out for using homophobic language in regards to one of the men he fought on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

On the show, some fancy editing made it seem like the bar patron was obnoxiously following Sammi and Ronnie as they walked home after a night out. The man continuously taunted the couple and Sammi began to verbally spar with the man’s girlfriend. Ronnie told Sammi to stop but the man decided to get in her face which prompted Ronnie to step up and tell him to get back before the first punch was thrown. In essence, the episode made it seem like Sammi was to blame for the escalation from annoying heckling to an all-out fight which Pauly D and the Situation flew out the door of the beach house to join.

However, TMZ recently learned that what aired was not the full story. It turns out that there is footage of Ronnie before the fight taunting the man right back and using homophopic terms such as “f**got” and “queer.”

The terms are obviously socially unacceptable and derogatory in the context in which he used them, but the production company who filmed the first season says that Ronnie was never cruel to the few members of the production staff who were gay.

That being said, there is a major disconnect when a person respects, or is said to respect, persons from the LGBTQ community and those that find it socially acceptable to use terms which are negative and demeaning to that same community.

To risk getting a little preachy here: At some point in the past two decades, the word gay took on a new meaning and teenagers and young adults began to use it to mean “lame” or “stupid.” While we here at Hairpoof don’t condone its usage as such, we do admit that all of us are guilty of using the term as such. But we’ve also noticed a new word cropping up in the pre-teen and teenage lexicon and it happens to be one of the terms Ronnie used — “f**got.”

Recently, one of Hairpoof’s writers was in the company of a 15, a 13 and a 10 year old. Things were going about as you’d expect when in the company of people younger than you until the word “f*g” started flying, and suddenly it was everywhere. “Those shoes are f**gy.” “You look like such a f*g.” “You’re a f**got.” “That situation made him seem like a f*g.” “He’s definitely a f**got.”

We’re sorry, but when the hell did using that term become “cool” for children to use? We can’t remember a time when we ever used that term to refer to how someone or something looks, acts or behaves.

Call us prudes, but that is incredibly offensive.

And then the kicker. The 15, 13 and 10-year-olds began talking about Jersey Shore. Strangely (to us at least), the 15-year-old was not the one that watched the first season, but the 13 and 10-year-old could recite quotations. And all of a sudden they began talking about Ronnie getting into fights and how he’s awesome.

Forgive us for giving a bit of detail on the topic to get to the main point, but Ronnie is a role model for better or for worse. And these children are already using socially unacceptable terms to refer to other people and things. Words which there is video of Ronnie using as well.

Now, we understand that Ronnie is a grown man and can make his own decisions as to what words and terms he deems unacceptable to use. We don’t fault him for having different values than us here at Hairpoof, and we actually encourage discussion on different value systems to create a dialogue in which both sides of an issue can grow and understand differing points of view. But there is a strange and somewhat scary phenomenon going on, at least among three teenagers we’ve associated with, in which more derogatory homophobic terms are coming into popular use.

We feel helpless to stop it as others will always make their own decisions and we don’t believe in censorship. But we ask that you at least think of what impact your words can have on others before you speak.

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Happy Valentines Day from Hairpoof!

February 14, 2010

♥Wishing all of our readers and twitter followers the happiest of Cupid’s Day’s.♥

For all those in a relationship out there, like our favorite JS couple Ronnie and Sammi, or Snooki and her new guido Emilio, we hope this day of love is magical.

And to everyone else – like us here at Hairpoof – Happy Singles Awareness Day! It’s not all bad, we didn’t have to spend money buying presents for our significant other, and we’re always available to fly to Vegas for V-Day to hang out with one of our favorite JS-ers since that’d  be Pauly D’s great Valentine’s Day date!

(Not that we’re doing that, but we’re just saying…single people can).

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Jersey Shore Hits TFLN

February 13, 2010

When something hits pop culture as hard and as fast as Jersey Shore did (it was kind of like the fight that landed Ronnie in jail, “That’s one shot! That’s one shot, kid!”) it’s natural to think that references will seep into other popular mediums. We’ve already seen this proliferation of the GTL-lifestyle with SnookiShop, but now JS has made its way onto one of the Web sites on our permanent blogroll – Texts From Last Night.

For those that don’t know, TFLN aggregates the outrageous, hilarious and all around WTF moments that you get when you open up your phone to check a text after a night out. Pop culture comes up quite often in people’s texts, as do munchies, awkward revelations and reminders of what went on the night before.

Recently, we here at Hairpoof have been noticing a few Jersey Shore related Texts From Last Night. Check out a few below and head on over to Text from Last Night to get a laugh.


Ed hardy stationary at walmart. I’m betting snookie wishes she knew how to write


I guess I fist pumped too hard. I hit my mom in the face and now we’re sitting in the ER.


When we told the nurse what happened, she replied with “OH, Well you don’t look Italian to me!”


Have you ever seen an entire lecture hall fist pump? It’s magical.


is it a bad thing if he can only get off when i start talking like one of the girls from Jersey Shore??


What has the Jersey Shore Cast Been Up To?

February 12, 2010

On Wednesday, Pop Eater asked the question of what the Jersey Shore cast has been up to since season one wrapped. They caught up with the cast’s personal appearances and headlines over the past few months. Now, you can go check it out over at their site.

Or you could just stay tuned to Hairpoof.

We’ve told you all of the information PopEater provided about the cast. Everything from the wing bowl to Reebok commercials to Vinny’s new tat – we have you covered.

We even covered non-castmate Angelina’s self-declaration that she’ll be back in the house for season two.

In fact, the only information PopEater reported that we haven’t is Ronnie’s alleged indiscretions with an unidentified guidette who is not Sammi (not sure why we never picked that up. Probably because it allegedly happened a week before we started our blog) and JWoww’s clothing line (which we’ll get to as soon as clothing actually goes on sale!).

This post is really just to toot our own horn. Sometimes it rocks to realize that you’ve scooped a well-known entertainment site.

Though in PopEater’s defense, they focus on much more than just JS so periodic posts such as the one they posted on Wednesday are very feasible as they try not to put readers on Jersey Shore overload. We love them for keeping us up to date on celebrities not named the Situation, and JWoww.

Keep checking Hairpoof for the latest Jersey Shore news!