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Wanna sleep with the Situation in South Beach?

April 13, 2010
Snooki, Angelina and the Situation hit South Beach for Jersey Shore Season Two

Don't worry Snooks, the Situation won't be bringing home any grenades or hippos to attack you this season - except for maybe Angelina

Well, I hope the MTV’s producers find you attractive. Rumor has it that Jersey Shore Season Two will have a marked difference from the first one – no grenades allowed.

Half the fun of last season was seeing Pauly D try to take the grenade and then running swiftly in the other direction, leaving Mike on his own with his hottie and her “unattractive” friend. And when the grenade reappeared in the Shore house with the hippo she attacked Snooki.

This year, however, TMZ is reporting that only hot girls will be allowed to go home with the boys.

If you’re looking to do a different kind of sleeping with the Situation (or rather, sleeping where he did) you have more of a shot – if you have $2,000.

Much like prices sky-rocketed on the original Shore house in Seaside Heights (to $6,500 a night!), hotel management at Miami’s Metropole Hotel South Beach plan to up their prices on the custom-designed suite where Sammi and Ronnie may or may not be smushing.

While it’s been said that the MTV crew is getting the rooms for a measly $250 a night – no doubt they expect to make back some of the money they could be making through exposure – Alan Lieberman, who owns the hotel with his son, Nathan, told the Miami Herald that he plans to offer the room to future renters at an inflated rate of $2,000 a night.

And he doesn’t think anyone would ever rent the rooms at that price.

A word of advice to Lieberman: The original house is going for $6,500 a night; there are vacation packages in the Jersey Shore suites in Atlantic City going for $4250. I’m pretty sure you’re going to get a great ROI on a $2000 a night room just by saying things like “Pauly D kept his hair gel here,” “Angelina whined about how hard her life is here,” “The Situation made surf and turf right here.”

Hell, he should probably up the price! It’s too rich for our blood,  but I’m sure there are some people out there who wouldn’t mind shelling out the cash to stay in a piece of pop culture history.


Jersey Shore 2 to Debut July, 29, 2010

April 8, 2010

Hey, remember that time MTV tried to be cool and say that Jersey Shore was going to take place in Miami? And then they flew everyone (or drove everyone) down there and started filming and then was like  – PSYCH!

That’s right. That was today.

MTV just announced that while Snooki, the Situation, et. al are indeed in South Beach, the crew will film in Florida for a bit before heading back to their ORIGINAL HOUSE in Seaside Heights, NJ.

MTV also announced that the casting call that Perez Hilton pointed out yesterday is not for Season Three. Instead, it went out just in case MTV decided that they wanted to add some fresh faces to the crew. Let’s hope they don’t.

They also – rather unfortunately – announced that Angelina is in fact back with the cast. We kind of hoped that she was delusional and had flown to Miami on her own and was stalking the cast, but no, she’s back for good.

So, following up on yesterday’s Jump the Shark post, they only half jumped the shark (because Angelina is back we can’t say they completely did…)

But the biggest news to come out of MTV today is that SEASON TWO DEBUTS ON JULY 29, 2010 at 10 p.m. We here at Hairpoof can’t wait!


A Sneak Peek at Jersey Shore’s Season Two Digs

March 31, 2010

Jersey Shore Season Two House - Metropole Hotel ApartmentsWe have epically failed at bringing you the latest & greatest Jersey Shore updates recently. To give us some peace of mind on the topic, we’ve been telling ourselves that JS news will be slowing down over the next two months as our favorite guidos and guidettes signed off Twitter (and we assume out of the limelight) yesterday as they headed to Miami to shoot the second season.

For the next two months, we’ll miss Snooki mugging it with Emilio, the Sitch sending love to “his fam, friends – oh and don’t forget the haters,” Vinny’s non-sequitors about how Duke will take the NCAA National Championship, JWoww’s love for Family Guy, House and titilating men with complaints of her “almost” bikini-ready body (complete with Twitpics), and Pauly D’s jetsetting life style on Twitter.

And we’ll especially miss speculations of Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship through the useful gems they provide us on the social networking site – did anyone else catch it when Ronnie tweeted a pic of him and two lovely ladies who were definitely not Sammi? And Sammi’s subsequent tweet of “and you wonder why you’re called an ex”? Sammi’s tweet recently disappeared from her Twitter timeline, but we saw it! Did you?

Now that Season 2 is a reality, we’re excited to be able to give you a sneak peek into the JS crew’s rumored new digs – the Metropole Hotel Apartments.

According to Pink is the New Blog, MTV crews were seen moving equipment into the posh apartments earlier this week.

Rumors also have it that popular South Beach nightclub Mynt refused access to MTV camera crews, so there’s no word on what will be the Karma and Beachcombers. But really, that’s probably for the best. The JS crew seem at home in hole-in-the-wall bars, lets stick to what we know this season…


Filming begins on Jersey Shore Season Two!

March 22, 2010

Though you wouldn’t know it from their Twitter feeds which are as ambiguous about location as ver, rumor has it that the Jersey Shore cast has landed in Miami to start filming Season Two!

TMZ reported yesterday that the cast was told they’d definitely be headed to South Beach sometime this week. Camera crews reportedly descended on our favorite guido’s homes to film the pre-flight packing routine just as they did last season (footage of which was seen on ‘Before the Shore’).

There’s no word on whether or not Pauly D tried to pack his tanning bed for the flight from NJ to FL. Hopefully, MTV preempted that by providing an in-house salon – because, let’s face it, they would have to put 7 beds in the house or else we’d be watching footage of the cast standing in line waiting their turn under the lights.

Also, did you guys catch MTV’s Fist Pumpin’ Spring Break special with Pauly, Snooki and the Situation? We got to see a bit of their GTL routine and learned that Pauly and the Sitch don’t really know how to do laundry at a laundromat.

We also learned that Snooki and Pauly D supposedly hooked up on their last night in the shore house…though that seems like a bit of a ploy to snag viewers than the truth. If it’s true, Snooki got around that night as we saw her making out with the Sitch in the hot tub in the season one finale…why didn’t we see her and Pauly D? (Or for that matter, why didn’t the Sitch see her with Pauly seeing as how they roomed together?)

It could have happened though. Afterall, Pauly did leave us with this gem of a quote from episode 2:

In a weird Snookers world, like me and Snookers would make the best, like, little guidos and guidettes, little poofs and blow-outs on our little kids.


JWoww Regrets Jersey Shore Wardrobe

February 25, 2010

News has been coming out all week that JWoww isn’t happy with the clothing she wore during season one on the Jersey Shore. She hit up the Kim Kardashian show during New York’s fashion week last week and told reporters that her biggest fashion regret while filming was “everything on the show.”

She seems to be the only one concerned with that fact as there was a clamoring for JWoww-esque clothing shortly after she wore the infamous yellow top in episode two.

In case you don’t remember, it was the first night she hooked up with Pauly D when Sammi and the Situation had to work but the rest of the cast decided they were going to go out for the night. The drape neck top showed off a healthy portion of her “assets.”

She was even going to turn her Season one fashion into a side business, claiming that she was starting her own clothing line through her Web site That was short lived, though, and links to her clothing disappeared a month ago.

No word on whether or not the clothing line is still in the works, or whether or not her fashion will actually change when season two starts filming in Miami in the coming months. But, JWoww did tell reporters at fashion week one accessory that she does plan on wearing for season two – earrings.

“Earrings!” she told them. “I have chubby ears, so I gotta wear my earrings.”


Introducing Emilio Masella – AKA Mr. Snooki

February 10, 2010

Emilio Masella + Snooki + Boyfriend

Snooki has always been very open and honest about her relationships or lack thereof. We saw her Snookin’ for love on the boardwalk and in Karma during Season One, but she always seemed to find the men who had girlfriends (she also made out with said men quite a few times before their women came and complained…we fault the men) or the ones that would punch her in the face.

And sometimes, she even found her ex’s who inspire amazing boardwalk dances and then all out freak outs of whining “That’s not cool. That’s not cool! That’s not cool!”

But that was back in September. Since then, Snooki has found a new boy toy and his name is Emilio Masella.

For the past couple of weeks Snooki has been tweeting about her boo and she’s been letting information trickle out about him over time. First, we found out that his twitter handle is @Jealous1sEnV and the two were going to be together at the Super Bowl.

And then the Super Bowl happened and we found out he was a 21-year-old personal trainer at a Gold’s Gym in Connecticut.

According to People Magazine, Emilio and Snooki met over a year ago on Facebook and continued talking throughout the year. They began hanging out after filming wrapped and the show began to air, but they only recently went exclusive.

Snooki tweeted a couple of photos of her and her sweetie at the Super Bowl and the two hung out in Miami Sunday and Monday. And according to Snooki’s tweets the two will be together this weekend again seeing Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried in Dear John.

TMZ has also found a few photos of Mr. Masello as a body builder and dressed as the Hulk.

The two are strangely adorable together – at least through Twitter. They tweet each other cute things throughout the day and Emilio even spends time calling her adorable and cute on the public site.

We love that Snooki found love, but we have to admit, Hairpoof is a little disappointed that we won’t see “Snookin’ For Love” on VH1 anytime soon.

But we’re happy she’s happy.

Photo credit: @Sn00ki tweetphoto


Jersey Shore: Super Mario Style

February 9, 2010

Adding to our news from a few minutes ago, Perez Hilton is now reporting that the cast is headed to Miami as well and will be filming sometime in May.

To celebrate, we wanted to share this new spoof that we just discovered. If you every played Super Mario Bros. or Mario Kart you’ll appreciate it. And if you lived under a rock as a child and never have, you’ll probably enjoy it anyway.

And remember, violence against fictional characters in any form is a crime. We don’t condone that sort of behavior here at Hairpoof.

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