Angelina Gets Hacked, Hooks Up With Pauly D???

February 13, 2010

Pauly D looks like a deer in headlights with Angelina in January

We haven’t made it a secret that we dislike Angelina, the 8th Jersey Shore castmate who left the show after episode 3 because she’s whiney, entitled and decided that bartenders do great things so she shouldn’t be expected to work at a t-shirt shop which she was required to work at as a stipulation of being on the show, not to mention she missed her married boyfriend (yeah, she’s classy), and we dislike featuring her on this site, but we have to provide you with this piece of information.

Angelina is claiming that her Facebook and Yahoo accounts have been hacked and whoever did it now has access to personal and confidential information.

Obviously, the best way to combat someone having confidential information about you is to announce to the entire world that you believe they have it through your publicist immediately after talking to authorities and canceling any sort of credit cards related to said confidential information, but remember, this was a girl who decided she wanted to go on cable TV with all of her belongings packed in trash bags (because borrowing luggage is way too hard).

Her representative also let slip some interesting information. Angelina and the married man have broken up. No word on whether or not he’s actually divorced.

Unfortunately, Digital Spy, who reported the hacker also let slip some horrible news.

Angelina has reportedly been recently linked with Pauly D. WHAT?!

The two were seen together at the Vida launch party at Voyuer in LA in January and a source told In Touch Weekly:

They were very cute together and seemed totally into each other, They couldn’t keep their hands off of one another. She was making out with him for most of the night and they weren’t trying to hide it at all. This season Pauly D was infamous for hanging out with Mike ‘The Situation’ and trying to sleep with as many girls that they could… guess he’s changed his ways.

We hope this information isn’t true, but it’s not the first time we’ve feared for Pauly D’s sanity regarding relationships (remember Teen Mom’s Farrah?). Fingers crossed that Pauly D shoots this down as a rumor as well.

Photo Credit: Zimbio.com


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  1. […] also claims that the night after she and Pauly D hooked up in LA – which we unfortunately haven’t been able to disprove as a rumor – Pauly hurt […]

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